Choosing the Right Kindergarten Program

Every parent wants what is best for their child. We hope for them to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives – to be equipped to handle life’s challenges, to continue to grow and learn throughout their lives, and to be valued and supported by their peers and community. Every parent has a different view of how to navigate this trajectory but all parents seek solutions that accumulate into long-term benefits for their child/ren. Planning for your child’s lifelong education begins well before they set foot in a school. Early education enrolment is just one of the decisions to be made along the way.
Importance of Kindergarten enrolment:
More than any other time, early-childhood shapes who children will become and what kind of life they will lead. Early-childhood significantly shapes a child’s future. During these early years, their developing brain lays the foundation for cognitive, social, and emotional skills. By kindergarten, they’ve already started acquiring the skills and attitudes essential for lifelong development. Recent research has enhanced our understanding of brain development, revealing that up to 90% of it occurs before age five. This process builds from simpler neural connections to more complex circuits. This knowledge underscores the importance, even necessity, of early development before formal schooling
Benefits of Timely Kindergarten Enrolment:
During this crucial developmental stage, children need a balanced blend of care and education, as they may not yet be fully prepared (cognitively, socially, or emotionally) for formal schooling. Kindergarten fora brief period, allows highly qualified Early Childhood Teachers to individually tailor teaching strategies, environments, resources, and experiences to each child’s unique pace, ensuring their readiness for school.

Experts agree that children benefit from attending high-quality Kindergartens, enhancing their skills in communication, reading, numeracy, problem-solving, and socialisation throughout their education. This is why the Victorian Government invests in shaping children’s lives for the better through funding for 3 and 4-year-old kinder during this formative stage.
Kindergarten Curriculum:  
The Early Years Learning Framework ensures nationally consistent, high-quality programs in all early learning settings, emphasising play-based learning to support communication, social and emotional development, and ‘school readiness’ informed by early brain development research.

For funded kinder providers, The VEYLDF, which aligns with EYLF and shares the same outcomes, is the core framework. The vision and purpose of both frameworks is to guide early childhood professionals in a collective effort with families toward the achievement of the nationally agreed Early Years Learning Outcomes where children:
  • have a strong sense of identity 
  • are connected with and contribute to their world 
  • have a strong sense of wellbeing 
  • are confident and involved learners 
  • are effective communicators.
Choosing the Right Kindergarten Program
There’s a common misconception about the difference between sessional kindergartens and traditional “long day care” (LDC). Many parents mistakenly view LDC as primarily for care and kindergartens solely for education. In reality, both sessional kindergartens and LDC providers combine care and education. Both kinds of providers share similarities, including the appointment of a Bachelor Qualified Teacher to lead the program and curriculum, adherence to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and, when funded, the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).
What are the benefits of Kindergarten at Kool Kidz?
In addition to offering the same benefits as a sessional Kindergarten, we also offer:
  • Longer hours as we operate throughout the year, 6.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday, (not just sessional hours, during certain days and times during the school terms). 
  • If you are an existing family enrolled at a Kool Kidz service, then you and your child will already be familiar with the service the teaching team and the routines. It’s as simple as moving rooms, not a complete transition from familiarity of friends, trusting relationships and consistent environments. 
  • Kool Kidz have additional spaces within our services such as our EARTH rooms, which offer additional experiences
  • Meals are provided 
  • Convenience for families who have more than one child as siblings may attend in our younger rooms. 
Kindergarten Enrolment and Admission:
To be eligible to attend kindergarten your child/children must turn three or four by the 30 April in the year they attend.

To check your child’s kindergarten age criteria and eligibility for Three-Year-Old Kindergarten and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten, you can use the starting age calculator.

For more information about kindergarten enrolment:

when-start-kindergarten To ensure you secure admission to kindergarten, it is important to enrol as soon as possible but all registrations must be received and processed by the 30th June application deadline prior to your child attending.