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Kool Kidz Craigieburn Childcare is a newly developed modern purpose-built early learning and kindergarten service located at The Base in Craigieburn. Inside our architecturally designed, age-appropriate classrooms, your child will find an extensive selection of entertaining and educational books and toys. There are lots of play areas for babies, toddlers and kindergarten-aged children to develop and grow.

Ash and Shikha


Ash and Shikha

Meet the visionary couple leading the team at Kool Kidz Craigieburn—Ash and Shikha, devoted parents of three wonderful kids, including a 14-year-old and 8-year-old twins. Their journey into the childcare industry is inspired by a passion for nurturing young minds and making a positive impact on early childhood development.

Choosing Craigieburn for their childcare dream was a natural decision for Ash and Shikha, driven by the vibrant, diverse, and family-friendly atmosphere that aligns seamlessly with their vision. As business owners for 15 years, successfully managing a 7-11 franchise, their extensive background in business management, customer service, and operational excellence equips them with the skills needed to create a solid foundation for their commitment to the childcare industry.

Ash and Shikha’s roles at Kool Kidz Craigieburn are to ensure a seamless and enriching experience for children, families, and staff. Their goal is to exceed the expectations of a childcare centre, providing an additional educator in every room, and creating a positive and empowering culture for staff.

Their involvement at Kool Kidz goes beyond the operations. They will seek regular interactions with families, hands-on engagement with staff, and hosting community events. Ash and Shikha envision creating an open and collaborative environment, reinforcing the family-oriented approach upheld by Kool Kidz.

Reflecting on personal experiences, Ash and Shikha emphasise the importance of providing attention, support, and assurance to families, drawing from their own challenges when enrolling their eldest daughter in childcare. With a focus on inclusivity, mutual respect, and shared values, the couple’s goal for Kool Kidz Craigieburn is a place where families feel connected, supported, and an integral part of the thriving community.

As they embark on this journey, Ash and Shikha’s core values of integrity, respect, and a commitment to continuous learning will form the foundation of Kool Kidz Craigieburn’s culture, fostering an environment where everyone—children, parents, and staff—can flourish together.

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Kool Kidz Childcare Craigieburn

5 Dodswell Way (The Base)
Craigieburn Vic 3064

P: 03 9124 7686

E: craigieburn@koolkidzchildcare.com.au

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 6.30am – 6.30pm
Closed Public Holidays 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kool Kidz service operates all year round, except public holidays being closed.

The services hours of care are Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 6:30pm.

Kool Kidz Craigieburn offers care for babies from 6 weeks old to Kindergarten children up to 6 years old.

Kool Kidz services support the inclusion of all children to participate in the programs that we offer. Services can access a range of supports to ensure that children’s needs can be met while attending a Kool Kidz.

This is processed through Centrelink – you can apply online or over the phone.

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) works on a sliding scale system, meaning that the more income your household generates, the less help you will receive from the CCS. Conversely, the less income that your household generates, the more benefits you are entitled to from the CCS. Contact your Kool Kidz service manager/ operator to determine how much of your child’s fees will be covered by CCS.

Kool Kidz services support the inclusion of all children to participate in the programs that we offer. Services can access a range of supports to ensure that children’s needs can be met while attending a Kool Kidz.

Yes, Kool Kidz offers 3 & 4 year old Kindergarten with qualified Kindergarten teachers. As of 2023, funded Kindergarten of up to $2,000 per child will be provided by the Victorian Government for children enrolled in long daycare like Kool Kidz. For more information, read more here

All Kool Kidz Childcare centres offer a child-safe environment. Our Craigieburn service is no exception with state-of-the-art finger or face recognition scanning facilities and our above staff ratio ensures the safety of your children while they are in our care. 

We are an equal opportunity employer, meaning we encourage educators of all ages, gender and ethnicities to be part of our team. We use incursion days as a chance to educate our children about different cultures and continually foster an attitude of respect and kindness for all in our centres.

Our centre foster learning through play which means the children are kept active every day. We also have outdoor play ears in every centre, ensuring that our kids have a chance to run and play every day.

We encourage our kids to bond with their educators and their playmates, so they feel like our centre is an extension of their home every day.

Play-based learning offers children a fun way to discover their interests, abilities and limitations. It encourages imagination, investigation and exploration. It also provides them with a way to learn about social interactions and boundaries safely and in a fun way. By linking learning to play, we are helping foster a life long love of learning through positive associations.