Careers at Kool Kidz

Kool Kidz is always looking for passionate, dedicated and motivated professionals to join our team. Working at Kool Kidz is a chance to be part of a vibrant, fun culture that’s making a positive impact on children and their early learning opportunities every day.

Apply to join our dedicated and passionate team!

Fantastic teamwork and excellent communication is the backbone of the Kool Kidz staff experience. Joining the Kool Kidz team is a great opportunity for industry professionals to make a real difference to children’s early years.

Kool Kidz educators are passionate, dedicated and committed to delivering high-quality childcare and Kindergarten at all times.

Current Kool Kidz Career Openings

Kool Kidz Charlemont


Full time

Kool Kidz Rosanna

Diploma and Certificate 3 - Co-educator roles

Full time

Kool Kidz Greenvale


Full time

Kool Kidz Narre Warren

Assistant Educator

Part time

Kool Kidz Coolaroo


Full time

Kool Kidz Rosanna

Educational Leader - Non-contact role

Full time

Kool Kidz Craigieburn

Educational Leader

Full time

Kool Kidz Dandenong South

Early Childhood Teacher

Full time

Why Work At Kool Kidz?

“Our child care jobs offer fantastic opportunities, great conditions and actually looking forward to your day…”

The Kool Kidz environment promotes and encourages innovative, interesting and engaging educational programs for children which educators become fully immersed in and enjoy as much as the children evoking childhood memories; after all we are all just kids trapped in adult bodies!!

At Kool Kidz we love having fun and enjoy a good laugh, from our dress-up days to social get-togethers where we can really let out hair down. The Kool Kidz inhouse motto is “Work hard having fun and play harder”. The Kool Kidz workplace is a warm friendly environment where everybody acknowledges you, respects you as an individual and a place where you receive praise for your hard work.

Just like the children, we know that educators need a sense of belonging in their workplace for them to be the best they can be. We all have the right to feel safe and secure at work and at Kool Kidz services we have very unique strategies and mentoring to support this.

Each Approved provider owns and operates their own service where they aim to maintain a harmonious and supportive workplace where the culture is all about unity.

All Kool Kidz services have access to a central support team that employs mentors, trainers and consultants to assist and advise you when you need that extra helping hand. Our trainers run lots of internal Professional Development and we encourage external development and formal training also through traineeships.

Kool Kidz is always offering various child care jobs, and welcome people of all qualifications, ages and ethnicities who are passionate about children to apply.

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What Roles Are Available At Kool Kidz?

  • Professional support, training and ongoing mentoring
  • Job satisfaction through your active participation watching a child’s growth on so many levels
  • Lots of fun and laughs throughout your day
  • Lots of professional development and learning opportunities
  • A workplace that is a real buzz of positive energy and activity
  • Real reward systems that aim to recognise and motivate
  • Personal growth and rewarding relationships
  • The resources and time required to perform the role
  • Magical moments

Once you accept a position at Kool Kidz there is a thorough induction process for you to attend giving you the confidence to start your first day knowing what is expected from you. There are lots of training opportunities to compliment and expand on your existing knowledge base and experience.

What Kool Kidz expects from you

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment to hard work
  • A love of children and passion about their development and learning
  • Excellent work ethic which reflects lots of initiative, care and pride in your accomplishments
  • Great communication skills and a willingness to contribute your views and ideas
  • Teamwork is essential as we are all striving for the same goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily, if you are currently undertaking a course we welcome you to apply to be part of our team.

The Kool Kidz workplace is both professional and fun for educators, families and children creating a fantastic environment which promotes high-quality interactions and exciting early learning opportunities for children.

The Kool Kidz workplace culture is all about getting the most out of your day through quality interactions with children, being part of a team of passionate, dedicated and committed industry professionals. Kool Kidz offers all educators every opportunity to excel both professionally and personally to achieve all your personal goals. We have spent many years developing our staff practices to ensure Kool Kidz services are a preferred employer.

If you are willing to study whilst working at Kool Kidz this can be arranged through an approved Registered Training Organisation. Our Central Support Trainers can assist both yourself and the Approved Providers in setting this up.

Kool Kidz offers regular professional development opportunities to all educators either on-site or externally as required. Kool Kidz central support aims to provide up to date child-related information in a constantly changing and evolving industry. Educators can access this support and knowledge either individually or in a group learning environment.

Kool Kidz services are privately owned and family-run where the Approved Provider who owns the business, runs the business day to day. Approved Providers are fully trained in all aspects of Kool Kidz operations, procedures and standards and are supported by the Kool Kidz central support team.

Kool Kidz offers regular professional development opportunities to all educators either on site or externally as required. Kool Kidz central support aims to provide up to date child-related information in a constantly changing and evolving industry. Educators can access this support and knowledge either individually or in a group learning environment.

Kool Kidz services must comply with the Children’s Services Regulations; in particular, the educator to child ratios must be followed at all times. The Kool Kidz rostering philosophy encourages approved providers to operate their services above the child to educator ratio’s in each room to ensure Kool Kidz high-quality standards are met at all times.

You can apply online or just drop in to meet our approved providers or educators where you can submit your resume. If we are interested in what you have to offer we will then contact you to arrange an initial interview to discuss your suitability. Depending on the position you have applied for there may be a second interview involving a more thorough discussion on more specific expectations and requirements. Kool Kidz adheres to the laws covering recruitment at all times such as confidentiality.

If you get a thrill from witnessing a baby walk for the first time, or get excited when a child achieves then Kool Kidz is for you. If you take pride in working as part of a team and live for the kind of enjoyment and magic which can only be achieved through working with children, Kool Kidz is for you.

Any person with a genuine love for children who is caring, nurturing and absolutely enjoys being around children. If you are primarily motivated by money or just need a job to pay the bill, Kool Kidz is really not for you. Kool Kidz feels all children deserve the absolute best at all times, so we are genuinely committed to finding professionals who’s motivations to work in the industry are the best outcomes for the children at all times.

Experience is not everything and as long as you have or are commencing a qualification and have passion yes you should apply. Kool Kidz invests a lot of time into new educators, providing a comprehensive induction and lots of daily guidance so you can quickly learn some basic skills and build on them. You will be working with a team of professionals who will be positive role models, provide directions and most importantly the opportunity for you to shine.

As part of the Kool Kidz professional image, all educators will be expected to wear a uniform at all times which is provided upon employment.

Kool Kidz has many programs that recognise those individuals who go above and beyond our expectations. These range from staff member of the month receiving movie tickets etc, staff member of the year with great weekends away etc. We are currently exploring more reward systems that recognise and encourage the best from our team.