Toddlers are naturally active explorers. A toddler’s main way of learning is through active play and exploration. Kool Kidz offers toddlers numerous opportunities for active and engaged play. A variety of experiences allows your toddler to develop an understanding of concepts, solve problems and develop imagination and creativity.

Toddlers have a growing sense of independence and they are learning to be self-determining. Kool Kidz educators support your child to develop their self-help skills. These can include serving their own food, putting on or taking off clothes, and making choices.

Toddlers are learning about their emotions, as well as other people’s emotions. They are becoming more social playing alongside their peers. Kool Kidz educators understand and take time to work with children to encourage their understanding and control of their developing emotions. We support children to cultivate their social skills, such as turn-taking.

Kool Kidz educators provide a language-rich environment to support the rapid language acquisition of a toddler. Singing songs, telling stories and engaging in conversations are significant parts of the day.

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