Kool Kidz offers a Kindergarten program run by a Bachelor Qualified Kinder Teacher.

At this age, children are engaging in cooperative play with their peers. They are negotiating roles and socially acceptable behaviours. Kool Kidz educators in the kinder program focus on supporting children to develop the social and emotional skills required to part of a group, and to be independent.

Educators support children to develop emotional skills such as reliance and assertiveness, giving children opportunities to practice these within a safe space with reassuring guidance.

Educators assist children as they start to show interest in learning areas by providing challenging and fun ways to explore reading writing, math and science. A literacy, maths and science-rich environment provide opportunities for incidental learning alongside intentional teaching experiences.

Educators encourage curiosity by making learning experiences a positive interaction and foster a lifelong love of learning. Open-ended questions and experiences inspire children to explore ‘how’ and ‘why’ and to use their imagination and experience to discover and hypothesise.

Physical development and coordination are incorporated into the Kool Kidz program. Not only do we focus on gross motor skills but also fine motor skills (pencil grip and control, controlling small parts).

Kool Kidz Kinder programs incorporate ‘school readiness’ to support you and your child and your journey into primary school.

Detailed information about your Kool Kidz Kinder will be provided to you at the Kinder Information Night, where you can meet the Kinder Teacher, discuss the program and ask any questions you may have.

Kinder Tick

3 Year Old Kinder from 2022

Kool Kidz is excited to offer 3 Year Old Kinder from 2022 as part of the Victorian State Government initiative. Find out more on our 3-Year-old Kinder page. 

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