Kool Beginnings Curriculum

Rhythm & Melodies

Music is a pleasing, soothing, exciting and fun way to develop children’s listening skills, concentration, coordination, language development and memory. It is also a wonderful language for creativity.

Many concepts can be taught through music such as soft and loud, slow and fast and low and high, just to name a few.

A basic understanding of these concepts is needed to help young children grasp a wide range of future learning opportunities.

Try This At Home With Your Child

Music Time!

Engage with a variety of commercial or homemade items to create music with your child. Children are born into a world of sound and movement. Music helps their intellectual, imaginative, emotional, social and cultural growth. Collect a variety of items such as streamers, material, pots and pans and wooden spoons. Create a stage and have a concert if your child would like to show you what they have created.

Musical Instruments

Time to help your child find their inner Mozart! With this activity, they can use their creativity to craft musical instruments and then have a great time exploring the different sounds they make!