3 Year Old Kinder

3 Year Old Kinder is a Victorian Government initiative commencing in 2022. 

This program means an extra year of play-based learning will be added to Victorian children’s education.

The 3 Year Old Kinder program is the first of its kind in Australia. 

Victoria will be the first state or territory in Australia to introduce funded 3 Year Old Kinder for all children. Funded kindergarten means the government will help the kindergarten service with the cost of your child attending. This helps keep your fees low.

Three year old kinder will be offered at Long Day Care services as well as at standalone kindergartens. For Kool Kidz families, this means your child can access the three-year-old kinder ahead of moving into four year old kinder the next year – this offers a wonderful and seamless learning opportunity for children.

At Kool Kidz, we believe in learning through play, and our Kool Beginnings Curriculum is built on this. The research supports this ideology, and the evidence also shows that two years of play-based learning is better than one. This research also underpins the government push for three year old kinder.

What is 3 Year Old Kinder?

At 3 Year Old Kinder, children use play and imagination to learn critical skills such as language, numbers and patterns. The environment also helps them to build their social skills; this includes developing essential things such as; learning how to get along with others, sharing, listening, and managing their emotions.

The Three Year Old Kindergarten program is government-funded, which means that the Victorian Government covers a portion of the cost. The service only asks parents and carers to pay for the gap. Government funding helps to keep fees as low as possible. This is the same way that costs work for four year old Kindergarten. Please give your local Kool Kidz service a call or drop us an email today for more information on fees.

We look forward to welcoming your little one into three year old Kinder – let the play begin!