Understanding Autism: Supporting Unique Needs

I recently attended the Reimagine Australia conference, a conference for parents, education professionals and health practitioners focused on neurodivergent children and children with disabilities. Keynote

Kids Exploring Friendship and Fun

Helping Your Child Explore Friendship and Fun

Early learning childcare centres such as Kool Kidz are often where a child has their first extended experiences outside the home environment. These experiences are

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How To Handle Separation Anxiety At Childcare

Starting childcare can be an exciting and challenging time for both children and parents. One common hurdle that many children face during this transition is

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Benefits of Outdoor Play

We can all agree as parents that children need more outdoor activity and less screen time. With technology to blame for keeping children indoors, it

3 and 4 year old Kindergarten

3 and 4 year old Kindergarten FAQ’s

Kindergarten Melbourne FAQ on 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten In 2023, 3 and 4 year olds will be able to access free Kindergarten at

Role play in child development
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Benefits of role-playing

Role play in Child Development Children have the wildest imagination and it is further developed through dress up and role playing. Taking on another persona

School readiness
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What is Play-based learning?

What is Play-based learning? According to the The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, play-based learning is defined as ‘a context for learning through which

Kidz Lab
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3 Easy Science Experiments To Do At Home

  Get involved this National Science Week with some easy DIY science experiments at home with ingredients in your pantry. We’ve rounded up some easy

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The Cost of Childcare in Australia

  Childcare is a necessary cost for some families to place their child/children in care while they work, for early education reasons or simply for

three-year-old kindergarten
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Benefits of Three-Year-Old Kindergarten

Three-Year-Old Kindergarten We often oversee the benefits of Childcare services and how fundamental they are with helping children develop social, emotional, and physical skills. The

drawing for children
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5 Benefits of Drawing for Children

Drawing is a natural activity for all children. From infancy, children begin by experimenting with drawing tools and making marks on paper, and as they

Franchises At Kool Kidz

Ever Dreamed of Owning Your Own Childcare Centre?

For over a decade, Kool Kidz Childcare has been helping individuals realise this dream. Childcare represents a fantastic business opportunity for motivated operators. However, without


Christmas In The Kool Kidz Kitchen

It’s no secret that we love cooking here at Kool Kidz, and is there no better season for making something delicious than Christmas?! We wanted

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