During the first years, baby’s brains and bodies are developing at an amazing pace.

Babies are using their their new-found senses to explore the world around them.

Your baby’s development is positively influenced during this time by strong relationships, the physical environment provided and the engaging experiences within it.

It is important that your baby forms positive relationships. Kool Kidz educators work hard to develop a bond with your child to ensure they are safe and supported. This will be the basis for them to keep exploring and growing

Getting to know you and your family is part of this. We will take time to talk with you about your child’s individual routines and needs to ensure we can make you and your child happy at Kool Kidz. We will ensure we continue to communicate with you as your child grows and develops.

We understand the importance of your child’s physical health. Our menu ensures your child has the opportunity to explore and enjoy a variety of foods which you have approved.

Our separate cot room provides a calming environment to help support children’s individual sleep patterns.

The environment provided offers babies a variety of equipment to support their growth. Our educators will provide your baby with the experiences they need to continue to develop their physical and sensory skills and their cognitive development.

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