Why Kool Kidz?

Our Childcare Philosophy

Our Child Care philosophy revolves around;

  • Family
  • Community
  • Real People

The Kool Kidz family is made up of many real people from our local community, all working together to provide children with the best possible start in life.

Kool Kidz believes that the following objectives and values have the utmost importance. The educators cater for these objectives through their positive relationships, interactions, daily activities and educational programs.

Our Child Care Philosophy

Kool Kidz embraces the Australian Early Years Learning Framework. We aim to ensure that all children, families, staff and visitors feel a sense of Belonging, feel safe and secure to be who they are and are supported to become all they can be. Ref: EYLF 2010.

Kool Kidz services are communities of shared learning. This means every individual who is part of Kool Kidz such as; children, families, staff and management are committed to being life-long learners. To support this Kool Kidz has created leadership roles such as Trainer, Educational Leader and Mentor.

Kool Kidz embraces the emergent curriculum philosophy for children’s learning.

We believe that the following objectives and values are of the utmost importance. The educators cater to these objectives through their positive relationships, interactions, the daily activities and educational programs.

For Children

  • To provide a warm, loving and secure environment which encourages each child to explore and discover the world around them with confidence, and extend their feelings of self-worth.
  • To provide opportunities that encourage mutual respect, trust, cooperation and the developing independence and self-discipline of each child in our care.
  • To participate in a developmentally appropriate program which is flexible and perceptive to the changing needs and interests of the children. The program will acknowledge children’s contributions and extend their curiosity and creativity, always with a sense of encouragement and enjoyment. Each child’s individuality will be respected.
  • To ensure children have daily opportunities to be involved in a comprehensive program that involves individual and group activities as well as free play and quiet rest times.
  • To promote healthy bodies by providing a balanced diet through a comprehensive varied menu.
  • To maintain a safe physical environment where children can play and rest securely.
  • We encourage children to embrace diversity which relates to all differences and to see them as positives.

For Families

  • To develop a partnership with staff and management based on honest, open communication and mutual respect.
  • To promote friendly, supportive relationships between children, staff and parents.
  • To provide a service where parents feel encouraged to communicate openly, receive positive encouragement and support and friendship.
  • To allow equal access to all aspects of our service programs regardless of race, culture, gender, abilities, social status or family structure.
  • To be offered resources to enhance their parenting skills.
  • To be encouraged to make suggestions or comments about the service.
  • To be encouraged to be actively involved in the programs offered at our service.
  • To be acknowledged as the child’s primary teacher for life.

For Educators

  • To be supported in their roles as educators of young children.
  • To have the opportunity to extend their professional development through attending appropriate training and in-services.
  • To maintain confidentiality in their communication between the service and families.
  • To be flexible within the programming and routines, whilst maintaining consistency within the children’s rooms.
  • To develop personal skills and caring attitudes in a positive atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • To mutually recognise individual strengths and to be provided with opportunities to share them.
  • To mutually recognise areas needing further development and a joint commitment to improve in these areas.
  • Staff will access and utilise the leadership team as required to further assist their individual professional growth.

“The Kool Kidz environment and work culture affects all stakeholders in some way, so it is our shared responsibility to ensure we all stay true to ourselves, our child care philosophy and our core values to protect above all our children”
– Kool Kidz Licensors, Phillip & Sylvia Hortis

The Vision

“Help children become independent learners in society through quality care and educational programs delivered in a loving, caring and nurturing environment by a team of passionate, dedicated and committed professionals”

Our vision is to position Kool Kidz as the premium childcare services in Victoria, providing families with a choice clearly not currently available in the children’s services industry to date.

Our aim is to set a new benchmark in service with exceptional care through dedicated, passionate and highly trained Approved Providers and educators all working together to ensure all children attending Kool Kidz receive the best possible start in life.

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