Why Kool Kidz?

School Readiness Funded Plans

Kool Kidz School Readiness  Funded Plans prepares your child to successfully make the transition from 4-year-old kindergarten into primary school. A smooth transition from kindergarten to school lays the foundation for future positive learning experiences.

Kool Kidz provides mid-year progress reflections and end of year transition statements which are combined with family/teacher interviews. This provides an opportunity for discussion of any concerns regarding your child’s development or learning and whether your child will be ready for school or would perhaps benefit from the second year of 4-year-old kindergarten.

The Kool Kidz 4-year-old Kindergarten Program offers a range of experiences that are designed to prepare children for school. The school readiness program focuses on developing the emotional maturity, physical development, social skills and communication skills of your child to prepare them for the primary school environment.

Kool Kidz defines ‘school readiness’ as children needing to be independent and self-reliant as they play, negotiate and engage in problem-solving with other children in the playground. They need to look after their own belongings, use the bathroom independently, follow multiple instructions, follow through with set tasks, be able to express their emotions appropriately and deal with competition and conflict. Our School Readiness Program also strongly focuses on building resilience in children which enables them to cope with whatever they may face in both their educational and social lives.

These skills are introduced and developed in our School Readiness Program when attending a Kool Kidz Kindergarten.

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