Why Kool Kidz?

Kool Konnect

Kool Konnect will assist in keeping you informed of your children’s special moments and progress throughout the year at Kool Kidz.

Kool Konnect Features v.2.0.3Kool Konnect is a social communication app exclusively for Kool Kidz that runs on your Apple or Android device. The goal of Kool Konnect is to streamline the information recording processes for educators, giving them more time to focus on the important parts of their work, caring for your children. This information is then conveniently provided to you through a brief daily summary along with many other convenient communications.

Additionally, Kool Konnect gives educators the opportunity to share special moments with your children, through the Kool Konnect Social News Feed. This will give you the opportunity to share in some of the many special moments your children experience with Kool Kidz.

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