Own A Kool Kidz

After many years of successfully developing and refining the Kool Kidz childcare concept and business model, we’re now seeking enthusiastic and committed licensees to establish Kool Kidz Childcare Franchise services in Victoria. Setting new benchmarks in the early childhood sector has been tremendously challenging and also incredibly rewarding.

Over the past decade, we have realised that the only way to achieve this exceptional quality of care is through privately owned, family-run childcare and kindergarten services where the owner or licensee works on the premises and takes full responsibility for the operation of the business. The Kool Kidz business model is the first of its kind in Australia and promises to make a huge impact.

We know we are making a very real difference to many families, and if you would like to be part of that difference we are very keen to talk with you!

The Business Model Is Born

The licensee who owns the business is working the business.

In recent years, the early childhood industry has gone through many changes which have been highly publicised and made for interesting conversations for many families making the choice to use formal childcare and kindergarten a difficult one. In recent times we have all witnessed a large proportion of licensed childcare services become consumed and monopolised by several publicly listed companies. Corporations might begin with sincere intentions, however, the reality is aggressive market growth driven by higher profits for shareholders resulting in questionable outcomes for families and their children which is unacceptable and tragic.

The Kool Kidz business model will protect quality regardless of growth by ensuring that the Approved Provider who owns the business is always working in the business.

058 IMG 4568 koolkidz brightonKool Kidz understands that both parents and educators demand and respect the fact that the Approved Provider is not only visibly hands-on running the business, but will always be approachable to deal with issues first hand. Parents will ultimately be more comfortable knowing they are leaving their child in a place with people they can trust. Kool Kidz educators feel more supported, respected and encouraged to excel in their positions, which translates to happy educators working with children, which ultimately leads to high-quality interaction and more positive learning outcomes for children.

Governments have also recognised in recent years that early education and high-quality care are vital in laying positive foundations for a child’s future, opportunities and learning outcomes. The latest government blueprint is very supportive of children up to preschool age attending long daycare with a fully integrated Kindergarten resulting in additional contact hours for children and a more realistic service for parents in today’s busy world.

Kool Kidz strongly believes that families and industry professionals are well and truly ready for the Kool Kidz Licensing business model.

Overall Vision and Direction

Kool Kidz is dedicated to further establishing its well-recognised brand and an excellent reputation in providing high quality, privately owned, family-run childcare and kindergarten services to families in our wider community. The growth of Kool Kidz will be strategically managed to ensure a strong steady expansion throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan region, with all services geographically positioned to discourage oversupply and to promote a healthy occupancy for our Approved Providers.

Creating Quality

The Kool Kidz vision is based on three fundamental cornerstone values for creating quality, they are;

  • Family
  • Community
  • Real People

Our aim is to simply create a family atmosphere within our local community with real people at all times providing a high-quality service to families. The Kool Kidz business model is specifically designed to support these values and ultimately provide the best possible start for our precious children.

Approved Provider Benefits

cta4Kool Kidz takes all the stress and worry out of what could potentially be a very difficult exercise

Approved Providers can “go it alone” or they can choose to join a successful and proven business model and take the guesswork and stress out of what can be a very difficult business to operate and actually pay the bills with. Approved Providers will not only be a part of a successful brand which has earned an excellent industry reputation but will also enjoy the security and benefits which only a group like Kool Kidz can provide.

Some of the benefits which are enjoyed by Kool Kidz Approved Providers are;

  • Capitalise on the Kool Kidz Reputation which represents high-quality care and learning outcomes for children
  • Comprehensive training; Approved Providers and Educators receive on-going training, support and mentoring from your Central Support consultant
  • Full access to the Kool Kidz business operations manuals and systems which have been developed by the Kool Kidz Licensor in partnership with PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ specialised consultants
  • Exclusive geographical territory
  • Comprehensive demographic information to assist with licensee local marketing strategies
  • Group marketing strategies to build the Kool Kidz brand
  • Individual business website exposure

Site Selection and Demographic Analysis

The locations of a potential Kool Kidz site is one crucial element where lots of time and resources are invested to ensure only appropriate trade areas are identified. Kool Kidz has engaged industry leaders to provide vital statistics, demographic information, and a comprehensive methodology to identify appropriate site locations for potential Kool Kidz businesses. Each Kool Kidz site will have an exclusive territory to operate in, giving licensees the confidence that their full business potential will be realised.

Industry Partnerships

growplanthoriThe childcare industry is complex due to constantly changing government requirements, operational issues, regulations and on-going management challenges. Kool Kidz Approved Providers will enjoy vast benefits being part of a professional network of people with extensive industry experience, knowledge, and information. the childcare is understandably very regulated and in recent times, placed under the media spotlight, with many operators experiencing difficulties and even going broke.

The site selection, set up and launch of a Kool Kidz childcare service and kindergarten requires a massive amount of knowledge and experience which you receive as part of the group which maximises your chances of success. the on-going support and mentoring by industry experts will ensure your practices are always high quality, and being partnered with a strong brand will promote great occupancy levels for your business.

Full Set-up Provided

Kool Kidz takes all the stress and worries out of what could potentially be a very difficult exercise. Kool Kidz provides an extensive service as part of our licensing fees to assist in establishing a Greenfield site.

The Kool Kidz Network

Training, mentoring and on-going support you can rely on to help you succeed

Kool Kidz Central Support is a highly experienced team dedicated to supporting Approved Providers, ensuring standards are always at their highest. Kool Kidz Central Support will have regular contact with Approved Providers, building a co-operative, professional relationship providing appropriate advice and assistance as required.

Quality Control and Guarantee

Our primary goal is high-quality outcomes for children, so Kool Kidz implements the following key drivers to ensure the highest quality service delivery;

  • Kool Kidz Central Support – A solid support for Approved Providers and educators backed with experience, knowledge and proven best practices.
  • Mentor Support – Regular visits from a Kool Kidz Early Childhood Mentor. A Kool Kidz Early Childhood Mentor will provide personalised professional development plans for staff, on-site inspiration, and access to a wealth of resources.
  • Training – An opportunity for Approved Providers, educators, and parents to improve their knowledge base, obtain qualifications and stay up to date with the latest industry innovations
  • Site Audits – High Quality will be the minimum benchmark at Kool Kidz, and is maintained through regular compliance audits.
  • Parents Input – Parent Participation and feedback is always encouraged to assist Approved Providers in highlighting any areas which may require improvement
  • Local Community Connections – Kool Kidz families are given lots of opportunities to network, socialise, and share their stories through on-site social gatherings, parent advisory committees and other activities. Some Kool Kidz families run local businesses; it is a Kool Kidz initiative to support these families by allowing them to advertise through our newsletters.
  • Kool Kidz Brand and Marketing – The Kool Kidz brand will represent high-quality childcare and kindergarten services, targeting each Kool Kidz local community demographic.
  • Marketing Fund – The Kool Kidz marketing fund will ensure the strength and positioning of the brand, and also an on-going marketing campaign to ensure business growth and long term sustainability
  • Kool Kidz website – The Kool Kidz website will be a vital link and useful resource for Approved Providers and parents, setting new standards in cyberspace.
  • Approved Provider Training – Prior to being allocated a Kool Kidz site, approved providers will be required to undertake extensive training at our central support location. Kool Kidz will ensure all facets of the business operation are comprehensively covered along with the opportunity to work directly with educators and children to get a real feel for our culture and expectations. Kool Kidz policies, procedures and best practices are proven and also very user-friendly, making the transition into childcare stress-free.
  • Approved Provider Support and Mentoring – Kool Kidz Approved Providers are very fortunate with the amount of experience and wealth of knowledge they can access as being part of the Kool Kidz network. Approved Providers will benefit from regular visits from the Kool Kidz Licensor, Central Support Consultant, and Early Childhood Mentor. Kool Kidz Approved Providers will also have the opportunity to network with industry colleagues through ongoing training seminars, events, and social functions organised by central support.
  • Expertise – You can rely on our team to help you reach your full potential in every way. Kool Kidz has invested many resources into developing the Kool Kidz business model, which is not only the first of its kind in Australia but also promises to become the industry leader for high-quality childcare and kindergarten.
  • Kool Kidz Business Model Development – Kool Kidz Licensors engaged Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), specialised consultants, to assist with the business model development, which started as an idea and has come leaps and bounds since. PWC’s input has been very useful, with lots of resources and specialists getting involved making important contributions along the way ensuring the systems and business model is comprehensive, compliant and comes with easy to use manuals.
  • Market Analysis and Network Plan – Kool Kidz has access to up to date demographic and statistical information using industry experts to conduct specific research resulting in the Kool Kidz network plan. Kool Kidz has identified and gained a full understanding of potential trade areas and as a result, has developed a strategic expansion plan for the Melbourne Metropolitan region.
  • Kool Kidz Territory – Kool Kidz licensed premises will have their own territory with legal geographical boundaries to guarantee an exclusive trade area. Kool Kidz licensees will receive as part of a licensing agreement a local area profile report highlighting the characteristics of their trade area, a useful tool for planning local marketing activities.
  • Industry Consultant – Hortis & Associates staff have many years of industry experience dealing with all areas of the childcare industry, providing a solid foundation of knowledge and experience for licensees and their staff to rely on for training, guidance and on-going mentoring. Licensees will have access to Hortis & Associates senior consultant and Kool Kidz founder Philip Hortis, along with our service support team manager and early childhood mentor who are a dedicated, supportive and professional team.

 How do I become an Approved Provider?

Are you passionate and dedicated to providing high-quality outcomes for children?

Becoming a Kool Kidz Approved Provider is a life-changing decision which requires dedication and a real commitment to families through the delivery of a high-quality service in all areas of the business. There are many personal benefits gained by choosing the Kool Kidz lifestyle that can bring great job satisfaction and a comfortable living income.

What makes a great Approved Provider?

Kool Kidz has set a new benchmark in high quality, and to support this we have created a thorough screening of potential licensees to only deal with people who will meet and maintain our standards, support and promote our culture, and strive for excellence all of the time.

Your Business Attributes

Approved Providers do not need formal qualifications to apply, however you must be willing to work towards a minimum Certificate 3 in Children’s Services from the moment you are approved. You must have a strong work ethic, excellent management and administrative skills, good team leading, and communication skills.

Your Personal Attributes

Approved Providers must be people of good character who have passed a police check and working with children check. Having a genuine love of children, a passion for their well being and the desire to make a difference to the community are essential, along with maturity, broad life experience, and a strong sense of responsibility.

Minimum Requirements

Approved Providers must be approved by the Kool Kidz Licensor and the Department of Education and Training. To be a successful Kool Kidz Approved Provider, the following prerequisites will apply;

  • Pass a National Police Check with absolutely no record of any criminal offence
  • Pass a Working With Children Check
  • Demonstrate a level of competency in management
  • Prior management experience preferred
  • Successful completion of Kool Kidz Licensee training

Other Indicators

  • Previous exposure to a professional business environment would be an advantage
  • Previous experience in business administration/management preferred
  • Previous experience in managing people is preferred
  • An ability to lead by example by setting a positive benchmark work ethic for all employees to follow
  • Must be computer literate and be able to embrace and use all Kool Kidz programs and systems
  • Commercial acumen
  • Have a pro-active approach to problem-solving and have great time management skills
  • A comprehensive understanding of the Children’s Services Regulations, Children’s Services Act and Kool Kidz standards and expectations
  • Must be a great communicator
  • Able to lead and promote fantastic teamwork

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic investment range will be between $1,000,000 and $2,500,000

Approved Providers are obligated under the licensing agreement to spend a minimum of 38 hours per week in their business at the premises to ensure high quality. However, the reality of running your own business is that there may be additional hours required. Once your business is out of the establishing/development phase, typically after twelve months, solid service routines backed with well-trained educators will allow your contact hours to become more flexible and annual leave may also become a possibility.

Yes, a Kool Kidz license can only be granted when a license agreement is signed. There is a very extensive process prior to signing, including lots of discussing and exchanging of information. Kool Kidz strongly advises Approved Providers to seek independent legal advice to ensure a full and comprehensive understanding of all their obligations and responsibilities.

The licensor company Hortis & Associates Pty Ltd will be responsible for the head lease and will enter into a sub-lease arrangement as the Approved Provider.

Our licensee agreements typically run for 20 years and usually mirror the lease terms and subsequent options.

Kool Kidz businesses can be sold at any time. However, to ensure continuity for educators and families, any potential Approved Provider must be approved by the Kool Kidz Licensor.

Yes, part of your responsibility when entering into the Kool Kidz License Agreement is to adhere to all prescribed policies and procedures when operating your service.

Once you have been approved to be an Approved Provider you will be required to attend training at our Central Support location. Approved Providers will have access to Kool Kidz operations manuals and attend focused training sessions covering the Approved Provider role and service operation. Approved Providers will be given lots of practical advice and support to further develop their knowledge and skills to ensure they are confident for their first day of trade. Kool Kidz will also provide your key leadership team with an introduction day to provide them with adequate knowledge of our expectations and culture.

Approved Providers do not need formal qualifications to apply, however you must be willing to work towards a minimum Certificate 3 in Children’s Services from the moment you are approved.

Kool Kidz Central Support is set up to provide Approved Providers and their educators with ongoing support in all areas of their service operation.Our Central Support team will be allocated to work closely with services to provide guidance, mentoring, and ongoing support to build and develop the business. Approved Providers will always have access to manual updates, important information, and advice from the Senior Consultant.

Kool Kidz invests a lot of time and resources into assessing a potential Kool Kidz site. Kool Kidz completes a comprehensive site analysis, demographic study, and overall business feasibility study prior to making any commitments. There are many sites which do not fit our criteria and if a site is selected for acquisition a full report is prepared to be presented to approved licensee applicants for consideration.

The typical acquisition of a site will take between 6 to 12 months due to the extensive Kool Kidz process of negotiations, government department approvals and site fit-out or conversion when required. If Kool Kidz happens to have an approved site ready to go, it is possible for Approved Providers to start operations within 3 months, which would be the absolute minimum time frame. If you are approved to operate a Kool Kidz we recommend during this transition time Approved Providers undergo their training and start building their team.

The biggest incentive would be to minimise risk. The childcare industry is understandably very regulated and in recent times, placed under the spotlight in the media with many operators experiencing difficulties and even going broke. the site selection, set up, and launch of a childcare service and kindergarten requires a massive amount of knowledge and experience which you receive as part of the group which maximises your chance of success. The ongoing support and mentoring will ensure your practices are always high quality, and being partnered with a strong brand will promote great occupancy levels for your business. Being part of the Kool Kidz family will also create networking and learning opportunities providing Approved Providers with a fantastic platform to work on their own personal development.

Each Kool Kidz business comes with its own exclusive trade territory. It is our policy to protect Approved Providers from potential over supply of childcare and Kindergarten places, however we cannot guarantee other competition is not introduced from other operators.

It is Kool Kidz policy not to promote multi-ownership of services as it will only stretch resources and ultimately compromise quality. It is a Kool Kidz cornerstone value that each service is privately owned and operated by a licensee

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