Kool Beginnings Curriculum

The World & The Environment

We provide natural learning environments, embedding sustainability.

We encourage and engage the children in extended conversations that support their own understanding of the world and the environments around them. We provide many natural elements aimed to assist children to understand the natural world they live in
and the care that it requires.

Try This At Home With Your Child

Nature Table!

Go on a hunt and collect a variety of items, exploring nature provides children with a rich sensory experience and allows them to question things about the world in which they live. Nature tables can be set up indoors or outdoors with a variety of resources that are age appropriate for your child. Engaging with nature such as leaves, grass, flowers, bark or pebbles support children to learn about a variety of elements. Make sure there are no poisonous objects and allergies are known, any items for children under three are larger than 5cm diameter so that they cannot be swallowed and activity is supervised by an adult.

Scavenger Hunt!

It's not quite a bear hunt, but it will easily be just as much fun! Turn your daily walk into an educational and sensory adventure with our Scavenger Hunt activity. Have fun helping your child learn about the world around them whilst exploring their own neighbourhood and community.