Kool Beginnings Curriculum

Me, Myself & I

A large part of our program centres around developing children with strong social and emotional skills.

As children develop their sense of identity, they feel recognised and respected for who they are. Children develop their emerging autonomy, interdependence, resilience, sense of agency and an increasing capacity for self-regulation. As these dispositions develop, children are able to approach new safe situations with confidence, engaging in and contributing to shared play experiences.

We are always encouraging positive relationships with teachers and friends, supporting emerging communication methods so children are able to express themselves appropriately.

Try This At Home With Your Child

My Story

Creating homemade stories can support your child to engage in a language rich experience as well as use their imaginations, sense of agency and belonging. This experience can support children to develop knowledgeable and confident self- identities and share their perspective on themselves and their family.

Play Dough Faces

Your little one will love helping make their very own playdough and refine not just their fine motor skills, but also further develop their imagination, verbal and cognitive skills!