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Kool Kidz Childcare Rowville is popular childcare, early learning and kindergarten service with an abundance of play areas for inquisitive minds to develop their social, physical and creative skills. Inside our architecturally designed, age-appropriate classrooms, your child will find an extensive selection of entertaining and educational books and toys.

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Purpose-built Rowville Childcare and Kinder Service

Think all childcare centres are the same? Then you need to see Kool Kidz Rowville for yourself! You will absolutely love it.

Our Kool Kidz Childcare Rowville childcare centre offers two well-equipped national quality outdoor play areas, divided into areas for 0-2, 3-4 years and children aged 3-6 years. This ensures growing, energetic children have plenty of room to play, while the younger children can also safely play.

When it’s time to rest, there are dedicated national quality standard sleeping areas and easy access to baby change tables and toilet facilities throughout the premises.

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Family owned and operated

Kool Kidz curriculum

Kool Konnect app with live up to date information

Play based learning

3 & 4 year old Kindergarten

Incursions & excursions

All meals prepared daily by on-site chef

Qualified educators

Longer hours 6:30am – 6:30pm

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Give your child the best start to early learning by enrolling them into 3 or 4 year old kindergarten.

Your child will be guided by a kindergarten teacher who will learn through play in a supportive environment and implement the Kool Kidz curriculum to prepare them for school focusing on each child’s individual needs.

Why choose Kool Kidz 3 & 4 year old Kindergarten?
  • Receive up to $2,050 of kinder funding per child
  • Kindergarten is available 5 days a week, 52 weeks of the year
  • Longer hours 6:30am to 6:30pm
  • All meals included
  • A range of incursions and excursions included
  • School Readiness funded plans 
Kinder Tick

Play-based learning

Children enjoy our early childhood learning programs because we make their learning experience fun.

All children’s playrooms have spacious child-safe play areas, educational resources and fun toys, art and craft supplies and colouring books to keep children learning through play. We also have an abundance of safe outdoor play areas for inquisitive minds to develop their social, physical and creative skills in nurturing environment.

Our Kool Beginnings curriculum and kinder program are based on the Early Years Learning Framework and delivered each day by our passionate team and experienced teachers from diverse backgrounds.

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Give your child every advantage

Kool Kidz Rowville provides a learning environment where children enjoy several incursion activities including a mix of movement, dance, music and active play through Acadme Time.
Our fitness program through Kelly Sports will teach the children ball skills through a variety of different sports. Our weekly Bushkinder outing also provides the children with an opportunity to explore and learn about the outdoors in the local community. By engaging children’s motor skills, cognitive development, and creativity, children learn and develop while having fun.
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Meet Your Service Manager

Alan Cheong

Hello. I’m Alan Cheong, the owner-operator and Approved Provider of Kool Kidz, Rowville.

Your children are very precious and when you can’t be there to look after them yourself, you need to be able to entrust them to someone who guarantees to protect and care for them in the same way you do. At Kool Kidz, we honour that trust by providing a safe, secure, clean and nurturing environment, and a level of personalised care that exceeds parental expectations and national quality standards.

Kool Kidz Rowville cares for children from 8 weeks to 6 years of age in a purpose-built centre that features superbly-equipped rooms, access to a range of age-appropriate learning resources and activities, a dedicated cot room for our youngest charges, and secure outdoor play spaces that encourage meaningful engagement, exciting interaction, and inspire creativity. The Kool Kidz floor plan promotes maximum effective supervision while maintaining a warm, bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Each day, our own kitchen staff freshly prepare tasty, nutritious meals onsite. Our menus are varied, catering for most dietary requirements and respectful of cultural needs.

And although our centre is conveniently located in a large shopping centre and near major freeways, we have a safe, hassle-free parking area for drop off and collection.

At Kool Kidz, our ratio of one staff member to four children, not only exceeds government regulations but helps foster a strong sense of belonging and security. You can be sure that your child is receiving our full attention all day, every day. Our friendly and enthusiastic fully-qualified educators deliver flexible programs aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework curriculum, including the Kool Beginnings Curriculum Learning Blocks, and other specialised programs such as the Kool Kidz School Readiness Program. All staff are committed to maintaining consistently high standards through continual professional development.

Kool Kidz supports the development of all children at all levels by allowing them to thrive and learn through the healthy exploration and discovery of their world. Our staff are positive role models, helping each child establish a network of meaningful and respectful relationships that balances their rights with the needs of others.

As the owner-operator, I’ll be onsite and available to help. I strongly believe in communication and will respond to all feedback from families and employees, to continually improve our centre to make it a great place to work; and a safer, happier environment for children to explore, engage and learn in.

I am committed to helping your child grow and reach their full potential physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, by providing the best quality childcare at all times through proper resourcing and staffing, and a model of care that puts your child at the heart of everything we do. Children are our future and at Kool Kidz Rowville, we’re dedicated to taking very good care of the future.

What Parents Are Saying About Kool Kidz Rowville?

Kool Kidz Childcare Rowville

10 Gearon Ave,
Rowville, Victoria 3178

P: 03 9755 8388
E: rowville@koolkidzchildcare.com.au

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 6.30am – 6.30pm
Closed Public Holidays

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Come in for a guided tour of Kool Kidz Rowville and discover a place for your child to grow, explore and learn skills to last a lifetime! Our service manager will show your our secure, purpose built childcare facilities and be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kool Kidz service operates all year round, except public holidays being closed.

The services hours of care are Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 6:30pm.

Kool Kidz adopts a holistic approach to the learning and development of children, with a play-based approach to learning. You can read more about our childcare philosophy.

Kool Kidz services support the inclusion of all children to participate in the programs that we offer. Services can access a range of supports to ensure that children’s needs can be met while attending a Kool Kidz.

Kool Kidz has a strong belief in the continuity of staff, meaning that we will endeavour to keep children with the same educators for as long as possible.

Kool Kidz has a roster of experienced and passionate staff who are well equipped and experienced in settling children; our team always acts first with kindness and compassion. For an unwell child, Kool Kidz has stringent policies in place to protect both the unwell child and the other children and educators in the service. Kool Kidz also has an orientation program to assist with settling children into the new environment; parents will have the opportunity to help settle their children into care during orientation and help their child foster a bond with their educator.

ACECQA (Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority) The National Quality Framework is Australia’s system for regulating early learning and school-age care, including legislation and national quality standards, sector profiles and data, and learning framework.

Cognitive development in early learning is best defined as how children think, explore and work things out. It is the development of knowledge, skills, problem solving and dispositions, which help children to think about and understand the world around them. Our team uses play to help the children learn new skills as this is a technique shown to work well with young children.

This is processed through Centrelink – you can apply online or over the phone.

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) works on a sliding scale system, meaning that the more income your household generates, the less help you will receive from the CCS. Conversely, the less income that your household generates, the more benefits you are entitled to from the CCS. Contact your Kool Kidz service manager/ operator to determine how much of your child’s fees will be covered by CCS.

Many factors determine this. There is the general age used as the standard benchmark, but other factors, including the child’s emotional and intellectual development, should always be considered.

There are many ways to help develop communications skills. If you’re worried about your child’s development, a chat with your educator is a great start. We would also encourage any worried parent to consult with their chosen medical professions (GPO/Paediatrician etc.)

Reading and chatting with your child is a great way to foster learning of language and comprehension. Playing games focused on language use is also a fun way to grow these skills.

There are so many ways to research and many factors to consider when choosing. Using online platforms such as Toddle or Care for Kids can be a great place to start. Asking other parents about their experiences is also a great choice. We always recommend going into the centre, meeting the staff and doing a tour as an essential step in deciding.

We are an equal opportunity employer, meaning we encourage educators of all ages, gender and ethnicities to be part of our team. We use incursion days as a chance to educate our children about different cultures and continually foster an attitude of respect and kindness for all in our centres.

Our centre foster learning through play which means the children are kept active every day. We also have outdoor play ears in every centre, ensuring that our kids have a chance to run and play every day.

We encourage our kids to bond with their educators and their playmates, so they feel like our centre is an extension of their home every day.

Play-based learning offers children a fun way to discover their interests, abilities and limitations. It encourages imagination, investigation and exploration. It also provides them with a way to learn about social interactions and boundaries safely and in a fun way. By linking learning to play, we are helping foster a life long love of learning through positive associations.