Benefits of Outdoor Play

Benefits of Outdoor Play

We can all agree as parents that children need more outdoor activity and less screen time. With technology to blame for keeping children indoors, it is our responsibility to ensure we get children out and about to explore their natural environment and the great outdoors.

It is obvious there are health benefits, including vitamin D for healthy bones and muscles and keeping their bodies moving, but there are also other benefits including:

Reduces stress and fatigue

It was evident during our years of lockdowns during the height of Covid had a negative effect on children. Limiting their outdoor play and increasing time spent indoors increased fatigue and stress. By restricting an outlet for movement, children are inclined to become more anxious and tired.

Teaches responsibility 

Children are able to learn how to treat nature and enhance their understanding of cause and effect. ie if I water a plant, it will continue to grow and if I don’t water it, it will die.

No structure

Unlike indoor play that is structured, outdoor play gives children the freedom to choose how they interact with their natural surroundings. The freedom to explore allows them to create a unique sense of wonder, the ability to use their senses of smell, touch, sight and hearing and build confidence. Plus, they can be as messy as they want, which is fun!


Fresh air and greenery in nature can reduce stress by keeping them calm, improving their mental health, thus resulting in happier children. They become more attentive and productive due to the stimulation that the outdoors can provide them. It also fosters social connections but also independent play.

Kool Kidz commitment to allow access to outdoor play

Kool Kidz recognises the need for children to be able to access the outdoor play area at various times throughout the day and that this is central to our daily routines and programs.

We recognise that children being able to access the outdoor play area is an important part of our commitment to respecting each child’s sense of Agency, allowing children to be able to make choices and decisions, which influence their environment.

We are committed to working in partnership with every child to ensure children are receiving access to the outdoor play area if and when they choose it as their learning environment. These partnerships involve open and honest communication which is respectful of and sensitive to cultural or other differences.

Having extensive knowledge of each child including their developmental stage, interests and learning opportunity can assist educators to develop strategies that are consistent with home, reflect common values and provide learning outcomes. Kool Kidz understands that the individual needs of children can, at times, affect their play and learning, which affects how educators plan for children’s experiences.

Staffing rosters are arranged to support children’s access to the outdoor play area throughout the day with 1 additional educator rostered in each room above ratio.