Play Fun at Kool Kidz Rowville

Play Fun at Kool Kidz Rowville

Our active children have been busy using and enhancing their physical skills and challenging themselves in everyday play. While some children were actively participating in these experiences, others looked on and showed interest in their friend’s play from a distance.

The obstacle course made from different sized foam blocks provided an opportunity for our children to work on their balancing and movement skills as they crawled from one end of the experience to the next.

The carousal allowed our children to use their fine-motor skills to explore and manipulate the toys attached around the edge of it.

The fixed climbing equipment allowed our engaged learners to use their spatial awareness and gross-motor skills to move in and around the equipment and provided an opportunity  to use their problem-solving skills.

Our clever climbers practiced many skillful decision making skills on how they could get onto and off the equipment confidently and safely.

We will continue to provide many more opportunities for our Snugglepot children to participate in outdoor play and interact with the other children within the centre embedded with lots of laughter and fun as well.



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