Kool Kidz on Wellington Children and Families Christmas Party

The Kool Kidz on Wellington Family and Children’s Christmas Party was held on Saturday 5th December at Stud Park Reserve.
The weather was perfect and there was a huge turnout, with just over 250 people attending. As usual, the face painting was a hit and the Educators who volunteered did an amazing job, with queues lined up at each table!

The Kool Kid mascot walked through the park high-fiving the children and handing out bags of lollies, while other Educators walked through the park blowing bubbles for the children to chase. Families indulged in ball games such as cricket and soccer, while others took advantage of the play equipment that was nearby.

Throughout the day, there was a free BBQ, and with the smell of sausages and onions drifting through the air, most couldn’t resist eating a sausage (or two!). Cold water and cordial kept the thirst at bay as the day got warmer.

The day culminated in the arrival of Santa, who sat on his decorated chair under a gazebo with the children. Of course Santa had brought a gift for every child!

At the end everyone left feeling very full and very relaxed, and one little girl was heard saying ‘This was the best Christmas party ever!


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