Social Emotional Learning

Here at Kool Kidz on Wellington our Kindergarten children have been participating in Social Emotional Communication sessions which are run by Knox City Council Early Years Consultant and Inclusions Support Facilitators. The sessions are aimed at teaching children to build on their social, emotional and communications skills. They learn to recognize, name and manage their feelings as well as learning to be empathetic, socially cooperative and considerate. The children also gain knowledge in practical skills such as how to share, take turns and use their words to express themselves.

Once a week the children come together and through a variety of games, stories and craft activities they learn to how recognize the feeling in themselves and others, begin to learn to understand their body’s reactions and those of others and how to regulating their emotions. The group focuses on four main topics: Happy and greetings, Sad and turn taking, Afraid/Frightened and asking for help and Angry and calming skills.

These sessions have been highly successful, with parents commenting on how their children are able to articulate and control their feelings much better since participating in these sessions.


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