Kindergarten News April 2017

We have had a wonderful start to the kinder year so far. With most of our friends back from their holidays, we have been further establishing relationships and settling into a fluid routine.

So far, our learning journey has taken us into brief explorations of Australian – both commonwealth and indigenous – and Asian culture, as we talked about the Chinese/Lunar New Year. We have spent a lot of time strengthening our fine motor skills with various activities throughout the room, and enjoyed our introduction to the alphabet.

Thank you to all of you for speaking with your children about the letters each week, and assisting them to find an object to bring in and share with the class. We are about to embark on our journey into the world of ‘Ee’ words and are loving the enthusiasm our friends are showing when viewing their photos on the wall and remembering words with their friends. The learning we are doing is beginning to filter into their play and literacy explorations now as we increasingly overhear them trying to sound out words and discuss the spellings with their friends. We are so proud of them!

We have had quite a few inquiries recently about writing and how to engage children in the process at home. At this stage of the year, we advise that focus at home is directed more towards assisting children to strengthen their finger muscles through incidental activities. Tasks such as pegging clothes on a clothesline, picking up food with tongs, using chopsticks and tweezers, tracing shapes in the sand and painting with ear buds will all assist children to develop the skills they need to write well, in an engaging, effortless way. We are happy to provide further ideas, if necessary. Just keep talking with us.

With kind regards,

The Kinder team

(Renee, Emma, Janine and Indi)



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