Butterflies News November 2016

Butterflies News

Dear parents/families,

Just a quick re-cap on the learning that was taking place during last term. The children were involved in the following activities & learning:

  • Incursion from fire brigade – which led to children learning about the community in which they live;
  • Volcano making, PVA glue & shaving cream pasting & sun-catcher window decorations – all which leads to the learning of mathematics & science through colour mixing, measurements, quantities, counting of elements, just to name a few;
  • Our art activity was papier-Mache hot-air balloons – this coincided with our transport theme which went the whole term due to child interest;
  • We also started our ‘show & tell’ experience which the children just love – the learning taking place here is endless: they are learning patients, respect for others, listening skills, confidence to speak in front of their peers and extend their focus and concentration span.
  • We also continued with the letter of the week from term 2. Once we had been through all the letters we started again incorporating it with show & tell. Children were to start bringing in something that started with the letter of the week. It started slowly but the children have finally started to get on board with this and it is helping them with their letter/word recognition. So we would like to say thank you for your help & support in helping the children get on board with this concept.

For the coming we have already done quite a bit of learning towards community building and learning about our diverse culture:

  • We have celebrated footy colours dress-up day- mainly for ‘Aussie Rules football’;
  • The children made some beautiful tree light candle holders for ‘Dewali’ and dressed-up in some beautiful traditional clothes – this teaches the rest of the class about the cultures of their friend families;
  • Halloween was another special dress-up day where the children shared their stories of what they believe Halloween is all about. After the day I found out the true meaning of Halloween which I will certainly be teaching to my children next year.

Over the next few weeks we will be doing many art activities getting ready for Christmas I would like to ask for your help by providing a photo of you, your child and any siblings only for a very special activity please. I know you all don’t celebrate Christmas however this helps to teach your child about some of our culture. We only cover Santa Clause, Christmas tree & decorations & presents. Your help would be much appreciated as it leads to your child feeling like they belong to this new community.

Now that the warmer weather is upon us can you please make sure you are providing 2 -3 changes of clothes (shorts/t-shirts, as the children will be enjoying lots of water play. Also please make sure they have sunscreen on before leaving home as they can then go straight outside to play, and don’t forget to fill in the sun-screen chart located on the bench near the sign-in book. We will continue to apply every 2 hours throughout the day. We look forward to a fun term ahead.

Butterfly staff,  Suzy, Emma, Jasmeet & Corrina.