Tarneit Kindergarten go to the Zoo

On Thursday the 6th of September the Kindergarten children, Teachers and some Parent Helpers boarded a bus to go to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. When we arrived we went into the “habitat exhibit”. In the exhibit the children were able to become explorers. They dug for insects, helped some animals find their homes, looked at the life cycle of a butterfly, built some habitats out of logs, branches, sticks and stones and explored some animal shells and snake skin. We got to meet a baby possum and watch the zoo keeper feed it some nectar on the tree.

We left the exhibit and went and sat down to enjoy some yummy morning tea before heading to the animal enclosures. We explored the Zoo, witnessing the lions have a bottle, watching the giraffes, going past the hippos (who were resting),
, gorilla’s and looking at the snakes before meeting up on the grassed area for lunch.

After lunch we boarded the bus safari and were taken on a 40 minute tour of the African animals. We seen Zebras, camels, bison, deer’s, water buck’s and Ostrich’s.

After our safari we enjoyed lovely ice creams before boarding the bus back to Kool Kidz.

The children, staff and parent helper had a fantastic time, we were all very tired once we got back.

Thanks to all of our Parent helpers who came on the excursion, and all the kinder children for being awesome little explorers.

Tarneit Kindergarten


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