Butterflies news May 2016

Over the past few weeks we have been focusing on numbers and letters and doing a theme on transport as the children are really interested in it.

We have also put an extra focus during group times going through class rules, listening and respecting others. The children are really enjoying the weekly Active 8 sessions, it is great to see all the children getting really involved and enjoying getting up and getting moving (it’s also helping us to keep warm now that winter has arrived).

Over the next few months while continuing with these focuses, we will adding some more engaging activities; we will be adding show & tell to our daily routine over the winter months as the weather is getting quite bad and it will encourage listening & respecting others. We will make a list of the days the children will be allocated over the next week and inform you all, as well as posting this on the wall in the room.

Watch out over the next few weeks as we transform the room into a huge transport/construction site.

While on the subject of bad weather, it would be much appreciated if you could send gum boots, rain hats & coats as we can then take the children out in a drizzle to have some wet day fun.

Happy reading.

Butterflies staff.


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