Kmart Wishing Tree

This year marks the 28th year of The Salvation Army and Mission Australia Kmart wishing tree. We at Kool Kidz Tarneit decide that it was time to give back to our community. Our wonderful families have jumped on the opportunity and we have pooled a large group of presents under our tree.

Talking with the children has helped them to understand how and why we make donations. Not just at Christmas time, but all through the year in different capacities. The children in our service can’t wait to get here to see how many more presents have been put under the tree. We see and hear the children talking to their families and asking if they too can provide a present to someone who is less fortunate than them. We are so thankful to all our families who have contributed to our wishing tree, and we cannot wait till December 24 to drop them off for distribution to the children. For more information please visit the K-Mart Wishing Tree

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