Butterflies and Kinder Explore the World of S.T.E.M Through Gardening.

Butterflies and Kinder Explore the World of S.T.E.M Through Gardening.

One afternoon, our Kinder Teacher began a discussion on electricity and water and why both needed to be saved to make our planet healthy again. This sparked quite an interest with most children, some even went home telling their parents to switch their TV off because they needed to save power.

As days went on, the children alongside with their educators brainstormed ideas on how they could save water. A bucket was chosen and the children now pour all unused water in it, and save it for watering the plants around the service.

When Natasha (Educational Leader) and Educators from Butterflies and Kinder talked about introducing STEM, the educators wanted to use an interest area to spark inquiry making and hypothesising. This lead them to doing some gardening and discussions on how plants actually grow and what they need to grow.

The children are always eager to check their own little herb pot (made from water bottles) and see what stage of growth they are up to. Some children’s herbs have not sprouted yet, when posed the question to why, everyone had different theories.

I’m quiet keen to see where this goes and what it leads into. Shaping the future



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Outcome 4: Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating