Music Time with the Butterflies and Kindergarten

Today we enjoyed our first music class with Daemos from Cheeky Monkey. There was a lot excitement when Daemos walked in playing his guitar. It was a very interesting learning experience as children were actively involved.

During this exciting session we engaged in different learning areas, this involved movement and dance for healthy bodies and minds. Children sang different songs that incorporated literacy and numeracy as this involved counting, shape formation, colour recognition and learning a few words and songs in different languages as children are connected and contribute to their world.

Children also sang songs that promoted and increased their responsibility for their own health and physical well-being, such as healthy eating, oral hygiene and the importance of resting our bodies.

From this experience children built confidence as active and involved leaners, they were happy and confident to sing on their own and engaging in action songs while Daemos was singing. This demonstrated their effective listening skills as they were able to listen and follow instructions.


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