Kool Kidz Preston Kindergarten Update

Kool Kidz Preston Kindergarten Update

Dear Kinder families,

We have had a busy and exciting week, engaging in intentional teaching experiences to help children with their letter recognition. Children are developing confidence, commitment, enthusiasm and persistence in these learning areas.

We worked on helping the children to practice writing their names and have introduced reading small words on the whiteboard, including the numbers. Following on from last week we are practicing to tell time as this is an ongoing interest for the children. We are continuing to learn the days of the week and months of the year as the children are becoming more familiar with the songs.

We also discussed safety around pools and read related books as children have been talking to their friends about going to swimming lessons.

We learnt to count in Spanish and it is exciting to hear children count confidently alongside each other.

Children enjoyed a science experiment where we dissolved bath fizzers, adding shaving cream and a variety of food colouring. This produced a dark coloured paint that we in turn used for blow painting. A group experience like this enables the children to express opinions and participate in reciprocal relationships, whilst they explore new ideas.  We also enjoyed manipulating clay to mould different objects. The children used problem solving strategies, experiencing satisfaction and achievement as they investigated and explored this medium.

Lastly we revisited proper hand washing by sharing what we already knew and watched a video about the hand washing procedure. We also talked about the importance of resting our bodies for our sense of well being.




Kinder Team