Fire Engine Visits Kool Kidz Preston, learn 8 ways to prevent your children fire lighting!

Kool Kidz Preston was very lucky and excited to get a visit from the Preston Fire Brigade. It looked like the big red fire truck was nearly too big to fit down our drive way but luckily the driver managed to park it right outside the front door!

The children were very excited when they saw how big the red fire engine was and screamed with delight.

The children then had fun squirting water from the hoses, looking at the fire safety equipment and sitting inside the fire engine. A big thank to the Melbourne Fire Brigade for making the time to come and visit.

CFA Victoria’s advice on what parents can you do to help prevent your children fire lighting:

1. Explain that fire is a tool not a toy, outlining: – Fire is used for cooking and heating. – Fire is dangerous.
2. All fires can spread quickly. Teach children about fire safety and consequences of fire.
3. Lock away matches and lighters just as you lock away medicines, cleaning fluids and other dangerous household products.
4. Teach children to show you any unattended matches and lighters they find. You can then dispose of them and reward their honesty.
5. Ensure your child is supervised at all times especially around fire. Store flammable liquids and combustible materials properly.
6. Never place them close to an ignition source.
7. Have a working smoke alarm installed in your home, test battery monthly and change the battery at the end of daylight savings.
8. LEAD BY EXAMPLE! At all times stress the importance of being responsible with fire.

For more resources on children’s fire safety visit MFB Kid Zone

Preston Childcare play with the fire fighters fire truck


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