Pizza Making – Kool Kidz Childcare in Mill Park

Today the children from the Jitterbug and Butterflies room at our childcare in Mill Park engaged in a cooking experience where they made pizza for our afternoon tea. Jaxen, Diya, Stevie and Archer came into the dining room to make their pizza. They started off by having a discussion about hygiene and the need to wash our hands before starting to make our pizzas.

As the ingredients were put down Diya said “there is sauce, cheese and ham”. Diya was asked which ingredient we should start with and she suggested “sauce”. To begin our pizza children put tomato sauce on the base and spread it around with a spoon, the children then added our toppings ham and cheese. All of the children concentrated on creating their pizza and ensured they had added all the ingredients before handing them to an educator to go on a baking tray. The children enjoyed this experience so much we continued making pizzas until we had made enough for all the children in the centre and the owner Nicole to enjoy for afternoon tea.


The children showed excitement throughout the day by continuing to ask when it was going to be time to eat our pizza. For afternoon tea the children sat outside and had a picnic with our pizza. Stevie said they were “yummy” and Jaxen, Diya and Archer all agreed. Well done to Jaxen, Diya, Stevie and Archer you all did a fantastic job making pizza for afternoon tea and they were delicious!


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