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Opening Hours 6.30am-6.30pm Weekdays

The Room Configurations

Snugglepots16 Children

(8 weeks – 12 months)

Honeybees16 Children

(12 – 18 months)

Beetlebugs16 Children

(18 – 24 months)

Jitterbugs16 Children

(2 – 3 years)

Caterpillars22 Children

(3 year old Kindergarten)

Butterflies22 Children

(3 year old Kindergarten)

Kindergarden22 Children

(4 year old Funded Kindergarten)

Cultural Diversity Week at Kool Kidz Mill Park!


Cultural Diversity Week 2018 Many different people from different backgrounds, religions, beliefs and traditions make up Australia. We offer such diversity and provide such a multicultural society that it’s part of the unique qualities about Australia. …

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Chinese New Year in the Jitterbugs Room

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The other week the children in the Jitterbugs room celebrated Chinese New Year by participating in ‘Firecracker Painting’ using cut up paper tubing. This gave the children the opportunity to explore painting using a different textured brush. The childr …

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Chinese New Year at Kool Kidz Mill Park!

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In the Butterflies room we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. Our Educators have introduced Chinese New Year to the children and have spoken with them about what it is all about and why it is very significant. An activity which the children took p …

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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Kinder Room!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Kinder Room! Today we talked about our friends at Kinder and why we love spending time with them. The children are beginning to form some great friendships with their peers!   KBC- Me, Myself and I VEYLDF- Wellbeing- …

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Henny Penny Chicken Hatching!

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On Monday 13th November, the kinder room received their Henny Penny Chicken Hatching Program, which comes with chicken eggs in an incubator for the children to watch hatch. Throughout the week, the Caterpillar children have gone to visit the chicks in …

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A look back on Halloween at Kool Kidz Mill Park

Img 1214

Many children came dressed up today for our Halloween activities, this shows that they have an understanding of what the community expectations are for this celebration and the “treats” that will follow. When asked what it means the children replied “C …

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Kool Kidz Mill Park visit the library!

Img 1169

This week we started our library excursions; this will continue weekly with a small group of children walking to the library to participate in Preschool Storytime. Our excursion started with a walk, which led to discussions about litter and dog poo on …

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Kool Kidz Mill Park Diwali Celebration

Img 0673 Copy

Today in our Snugglepot room the children enjoyed engaging in some art work that our wonderful educator Harjit had organised for them. The children used their sense of agency to choose the coloured paper to create their beautiful art work. The children …

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Fire Fighter Aaron Visits Kool Kidz Mill Park

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At Kool Kidz Mill Park keeping our children safe is an important part of being an Educator which is why we had Fire Fighter Aaron visit us to share with the children the dangers of fire and how to respond.  When Aaron visited the kinder room, the butte …

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