Meet Aunty Robin and Kyle the Moths at Kool Kidz Mill Park

Meet Aunty Robin and Kyle the Moths at Kool Kidz Mill Park

This morning we had two Moths come and visit Kool Kidz Mill Park. They were sitting outside the front door, so we thought it would be a good idea with the help of Jenelle to have them in our insect/magnify glass containers, where the children can see and observe the moths up close, exploring the patterns on their wings and seeing their body size.

Stevie and Liam together were excited and curious to see the moths up close. Stevie and Liam where each holding a magnify glass with what we learnt were Bogong Moths. Together we observed the two moths and how big they each were.

“There big Mel” Stevie said to me. Pointing to the moth she was observing. Stevie then announced what we were going to name the two Bogong Moths, Aunty Robin and Kyle. Stevie was listening to see if the months were talking to them. As I saw Stevie kneel down, I asked her if she could hear them? Stevie replied “No”. Liam and Ava looked on with curiosity.


Ava was a little unsure of our friends, as I could see she was curious but participated by watching from a far and still pointing at them.

Where to from here, with the rainy weather we will be exploring our outdoor playgrounds to discover other insects that live in our gardens.

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