Look at what I did today Eggspressions

Today Aaliyah, Diya, Olivia and Zoe discovered a book called ‘Scrambled feelings’ this book is about different feelings and emotions and is supported with having humpty eggs to interact with. Before reading the story we talked about feelings, we recognised feeling scared, angry, sad, shy, and happy.

The eggs from the book reflected the feelings; happy, sad, angry, excited, afraid and shy. We talked about when we might feel these and here is what we came up with – we feel excited on Christmas morning before opening presents from Santa, we feel happy when we play with friends, we feel sad when children take things from us or when we say buy to parents in the morning, we feel angry when we don’t get our way, we feel afraid of trying new things, or we feel afraid when attempting to climb outside, and we feel shy when we meet new children/people.

All the different moods of eggspressions

After reading the story with the children the girls were able to engage with the eggs and talk amongst themselves, Zoe began sorting the eggs and placing them on their coloured stand and Oliva and Diya passed the eggs to each other and recalled on the story and matched all the feelings to the expressions on the humpty eggs.

When we participate in discussions together we:

• Share humour and happiness and confidence
• Engage in learning relationships
• Make new discoveries
• Recognise our contributions to shared discussions
• Show interest in others and being a part of the group

Children at Mill Park Childcare playing with the eggspression eggs


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