Henny Penny Chicken Hatching!

Henny Penny Chicken Hatching!

On Monday 13th November, the kinder room received their Henny Penny Chicken Hatching Program, which comes with chicken eggs in an incubator for the children to watch hatch.

Throughout the week, the Caterpillar children have gone to visit the chicks in the kinder room. We walked up the stairs in small groups and got to see the eggs in their incubator and the already hatched chicks in their cage. We watched the chicks running around in the cage and discussed their colours (black and yellow) and how many there were (counting).

On Monday 20th November, Anna brought two chicks down to the Caterpillar room for the children to see. The children took turns patting the chicks gently. We spoke about what the chicks eat, their colour, their wings and how they felt. We then sat in a circle and let the chicks walk around. The children showed great interest in seeing the chicks as they watched and listened to their educators. Everyone was very gentle and enjoyed feeling their soft feathers.

Throughout that week, Anna and Samantha, have been bringing one or two chicks down to the Caterpillar room daily for the children to interact with. We continued to discuss their colours and how the chicks felt. As the children got more comfortable around the chicks, we took turns holding the chicks and having them in our laps. It was fantastic to see the children show such great interest and curiosity in the chicks, be very gentle with them, and gain enough confidence in order to be comfortable enough to hold and have the chicks in their lap. Well done Caterpillars!


KBC: My World and the Environment

Outcome: 2 Community