Special Music with Rachel

Special Music with Rachel

On Wednesday 5th of April the Snugglepot children got a special visitor, it was Rachel from Everybody loves to sing, she had come in to see our Snugglepots and to sings songs with them.

At first, the Snugglepot children weren’t too sure about Rachel and were more interested in her guitar case but as soon as she opened up one of the bags and began handing out musical instruments they soon warmed up and began to get excited.

We started off our morning music with Twinkle Twinkle little Star and as soon as Rachel started to sing the children got involved some shaking their instruments while others tried to copy the actions of Rachel as she sung the song.  Throughout the whole music experience, the children were very engaged and loved being able to shake their instruments.

As the music experience was ending Rachel sung Old Macdonald had a farm and as she sung the song, she bought out finger puppets and while some got a little scared by the puppets others were very quick to try and pull the puppets away from Rachel.

All in All the children were very happy and got involved during our music experience and we would like to Thank Rachel from Everybody Loves to Sing for coming out and for making our morning.


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