Science Month

Week 1

Caterpillars had a lot of fun over Science Week. We decided to use family input and intentionally teaching to come up with some new fun experiments to introduce the children too. We made sure they were hands on and some messy as that’s what the Caterpillars enjoy most. We explored many different science experiments over the week, we started with Dying celery. Caterpillars placed the celery in a cup of coloured water. Each day we would check on the celery and watch how it changes colours, talking about how the celery drinks all the water up. Some children even nibbled on the celery as we talked and listened.

Week 2

We also did an experiment where the children filled cups with water, topped it off with shaving foam and dropped different coloured food colouring on top. We all sat back and watched as the food colouring slowly sank through the foam and the gaps and landed in the water creating a magical mixture of colours. The Caterpillars started calling them “Chino’s” “Baby Chino’s” with the large dollop of foam on top.

Week 3

On Wednesday Ruby’s family shared with us how they used to mix cornflour and water together for science week as kids. We gave it a try and the children loved exploring the unusual textures. It was slimy and wet and would drip from their fingers, yet would dry and stiffen when rolling or moulding.

Week 4

We couldn’t do science week without a bit of Baking soda and vinegar experimenting. We placed small glasses next to each other with baking soda and different colours in each glass and then poured the vinegar over the cups and watched the reaction! Large beautiful coloured foam and fizz would explode over the tray and the children squealed with excitement as they watched and listened.

Week 5

The next week we had Rohan’s mum Lisa come in and introduce a dry ice experiment with the children, all the children sat on the mat and watched Lisa as she set up. Lisa added the dry ice to the hot water and we all stood back and watched the reaction of a beautiful flowing fog. Each child had the opportunity to blow the fog and see the bubbling reaction underneath in the water.

With the Caterpillar’s there weren’t a lot of questions about how or why these things react the way they do. The children just enjoyed being a part of each experience, being hands on being introduced to something new and exciting. We explained to the Caterpillars about the things that we saw and heard and what was happening in each reaction, the Caterpillars all listened really well, took it all in, repeated what we said, or what they saw and heard and most of all, they were smiling with excited faces and of course a lot of “ohhhhhh’s and Aaaaaaah’s and Woooooooow’s”.

Learning Outcomes:

Participate in a variety of rich meaningful inquiry-based experiences.

Use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas.

Are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning.

Use the processes of play, reflection and investigation to solve problems.

Discussions use reflective thinking to consider why things happen and what can be learnt from these experiences.


Secure, Respectful and reciprocal relationships


High expectations and equity


Learning through play

Intentional teaching


Educational program and practice

Partnerships with families and communities


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