National Reconciliation Week Walk at Kool Kidz Docklands

National Reconciliation Week Walk at Kool Kidz Docklands


In light of National Reconciliation Week, the Kindergarten children have been involved in deep discussions about what the week is about and why it’s important for us to be involved. We put Australia’s history into perspective by comparing it to someone snatching a toy that belongs to us and how that makes us feel. Everyone said that it makes them angry, sad and that they do not like it and to help restore our relationship with the person we snatch a toy from we could say sorry and give them a hug. Coming back to present day we spoke about how we could show respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Julie suggested creating Aboriginal style artwork and displaying it in front of our classroom to visibly demonstrate respect for their culture and history and to serve as a reminder of the importance of coming together in positive and meaningful ways. We created mini canvas dot paintings and collaborative flags painting. The children made good guesses about what the colours and symbols of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags mean: yellow is the sun, black is the dark night (it really represents the Aboriginal people), blue is the ocean, green is the grass (it represents the land) etc. The kindergarten children also participated in the National Reconciliation Week Walk to show respect and pride in the Aboriginal Culture, the traditional owners of our land.


EYLF Learning Outcomes:

1.4 Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect

3.1 Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing

5.3 Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media

5.4 Children begin to understand how symbols and pattern systems work