International Peace Day Celebrations in the Butterflies Room

To celebrate International Peace day the children in the Butterflies room were involved in a group time where they were asked the questions ‘What is Peace?’ and ‘How can we spread Peace?’

The questions were then open for discussion as the children all had a turn of giving their suggestions and opinions.

Some of the children’s responses:

Chloe: ‘Peace is being nice’.

Valerie: ‘When I’m nice to my friends’.

Isaac:  ‘When I share’.

Finn: ‘When I don’t shout and when I listen’.

Once all of the children had a chance to share what they thought peace was the Educators in the room also voiced their opinions.

Linking to the framework:

L/O 1 .1.1: Children feel safe secure and supported.

L/O 1. 1.4: Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy

and respect.

L/O 2. 2.3 Children become aware of fairness.

L/O 4. 4.1: Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence,

creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

Written by: Emma


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