Kool Kidz responds to children’s physical development concerns

Kool Kidz responds to children’s physical development concerns

Kool Kidz responds to children’s physical development concerns

It is with great concern that we read the recent findings highlighting significant physical developmental gaps in our young children.

James Rudd a Victoria University Phd student’s findings show “that 7 out of 10 children aged 9-15 are below average in throwing, striking, kicking, catching and dribbling a ball.” Also that “8 out of 10 children aged 6 – 10 have below average skills in running, jumping, hopping, leaping and sliding.”

The Herald Sun reported on Friday 30th January 2015 that a 30-year Western Australian study on 27,000 children shows that the ball skills of 6 years olds are remarkably lower than they were in the 1980’s.

Data like this supports the Kool Kidz decision to include permanent challenging pieces of equipment in its outside playground designs. We have always believed that a large part of children’s play should involve large gross motor movement, as there is a clear link between physical health and wellbeing. We currently use Kompan playground equipment pieces, which individually have a purpose, linked to physical development aspects.

Our room designs include exit doors to the amazing outside spaces that allow children to have space to run, jump, skip, hop and play with balls leading to learning how to catch and throw.

This design supports our commitment to outdoor/indoor play that allows children to be outside for the longest possible time.

Our Kool Beginnings Curriculum includes a learning block titled Healthy Active Bodies that requires our educators to plan for this crucial area of development.

We are encouraged to know that our commitment to children’s gross motor play is worthwhile and we will continue to find ways to support this vital area of children’s development.

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