If you are registered for a childcare benefit, you will be entitled to the 50% Childcare Tax Rebate on all out-of-pocket fees paid to Kool Kidz.

Kool Kidz childcare centres are privately owned, family run business’s setting new industry standards in childcare and early childhood education. Kool Kidz Approved Providers who own and operate their own location take the responsibility of caring and educating your child very seriously, ensuring the absolute highest standards are achieved at all times. Kool Kidz have created a real quality alternative for families to consider.

When we have a vacancy at your chosen location that suits your care requirements and you accept the position you will be required to complete an enrollment form and child profile form for each child you wish to enroll. Once you have returned the complete forms and paid your enrollment fee and bond, your child/children may be able to commence care as soon as they have completed at least 1 orientation session.

It is Kool Kidz policy that after accepting a position at Kool Kidz you must start care within four weeks, as we will not hold a position for more than four weeks. Special consideration may be considered leading up to the Christmas and New Year Period when some vacancies can be offered and confirmed in advance (a period greater than four weeks) to assist families in planning for their next year commitments.

It is quite difficult to say exactly how long the waiting list is as there are many contributing factors such as;

  • the age of the child (which will determine which room the child should be enrolled in)
  • the required days (some families require one or two days while others require full time)
  • the preferred start date (some families require care to start as soon as possible while others are not wanting to start for 6 months)
  • the Priority Access Guidelines set by the Government

Unfortunately once a Kool Kidz location is operating at full occupancy, we can only rely on existing families to voluntarily change their care requirements or cease for a vacancy to be created. When a vacancy becomes available the Approved Provider will refer to the family waiting list register.

It is important to ensure your families’ registration on the Kool Kidz waiting list so we are fully aware of your care requirements and can attempt to meet your needs when and if a position becomes available. Usually a month or two before you require care you will receive a courtesy phone call from Kool Kidz alerting you to any possible vacancies for your consideration.

When you enroll at Kool Kidz you will select which days will be your child's permanent days to attend. Each week we will expect your child to attend on the nominated days until you provide us with four weeks’ notice in writing of your intention to reduce permanent care days. You are welcome to increase or change permanent care days subject to availability so you will need to speak to the Approved Provider to check if there are any vacancies to make the changes.

There are no long term commitments or contracts to be signed when enrolling your child at Kool Kidz. Although we aim to create an environment that promotes long term partnerships with each family who chooses to enroll with Kool Kidz. Families must provide us with a minimum four weeks’ notice in writing to cease care.

Towards the end of each year, existing families will receive an invitation from the Approved Provider to request care requirements for the following year. It is the family's responsibility to return these forms by the nominated date to secure a position for the following year. The Approved Provider will then attempt to meet the care requirements for existing families, providing confirmation as early as possible. Any additional vacancies are then filled from families on the Kool Kidz waiting list register.

The health and safety of children is our highest priority at Kool Kidz, so children must not attend if they are unwell. Kool Kidz is unable to provide adequate care for sick children as we are unable to provide for the one on one care usually required by a sick child. Sick children can also compromise the health and safety of well children.

We request that each child has a bag for their personal belongings. Families need to ensure that all their children's belongings are clearly named. To assist us in meeting all your child's needs we ask that the following items are provided:

  • a beanie and warm jacket for winter
  • change of clothes for all weather conditions (enough underwear if toilet training)
  • ready made up bottles or pre measured formula and sterilised bottles (if required)
  • comforters (dummy, teddy, blanket etc.)
  • drink bottle with strictly water only
  • one nappy for your child to be changed into before home time (if required).

When the childcare service first opens in the morning, all children who arrive early will participate in an integrated age group program. This part of the day is a great opportunity for siblings to spend time together, also a great opportunity for children of varying ages to interact and learn from one another.

As more children arrive, the educators will then move children into their age appropriate rooms to begin their day. Each room then adopts their own planned programs and routines for the day. As well as meeting the children's routine of meal times and rest/sleep times the basic outline of the room routine will include both indoor and outdoor educational programs which have been specifically developed to cater for the strengths, interests and learning opportunities for the children. Each program is age appropriate and has been planned to meet individual and group objectives that have been developed through observations of the children.

Towards the end of the day as children start to go home, the remaining children will once again participate in an integrated age group program.

In each of the children's rooms the educators will record important information about your child in the daily information sheet or into communication books which are always available for families for a quick reference. Educators will record what your child has eaten, hours they have slept and what bottles they have had for that day. The educators will discuss with you which activities your child has participated in throughout the day, allowing you the opportunity to discuss the day’s events with your child. Digital photo displays also allow you to see your child’s day in action.

The Education and Care Services National Regulations state that the minimum staff/child ratios for a licensed children’s service are;

  • For every four children under the age of three, there must be a minimum of one educator.
  • For every fifteen children aged three and over there must be a minimum of one educator.
  • There must be at least one qualified educator for every twelve children under the age of three and one qualified educator for every thirty children aged three and over.

Kool Kidz always adheres to these minimum ratios however additional educators are rostered on in each room to provide the extra care and education your children deserve.

Each child’s room is overseen by a qualified room leader who must hold the minimum of a Diploma in Children's Services (two year TAFE course). Some of the educators may hold a University degree or be working towards this even higher qualification. These educators are responsible for the overall operation of the room including the implementation of learning and developmental outcomes for all of the children.

Assistants are required to hold a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services qualification. Kool Kidz encourages and supports all educators to continually upgrade their formal qualifications. Kool Kidz provides traineeships to support educators to be able to achieve this.

Kool Kidz 4 year old Kindergarten programs are delivered by University Degree Qualified teachers. From January 2014, 50% of all educators caring and educating for children must hold a minimum Diploma of children’s services or be working towards this qualification.

All Kool Kidz locations have access to a Central Support Team that employs trainers and mentors to support each teacher and educator’s professional development.

It is Kool Kidz policy that all educators working directly with the children must maintain a current first aid qualification, anaphylaxis qualification and an asthma management qualification to be able to care for your child in case of an emergency. If your child requires, asthma medication, an epi-pen or ana-pen you must notify the Approved Provider upon enrollment.

Upon enrollment you must nominate authorised people to collect your child in your absence. Each day your child attends Kool Kidz is it a legal requirement that you record the name of the nominated person collecting your child that day in the sign in/out sheets provided.

Any person collecting a child who is unfamiliar to staff must produce photo identification, which will be cross reference with the child's enrollment form. If a person is requesting to collect a child but is not on the enrollment form Kool Kidz will not under any circumstances release that child.

Kool Kidz uses the latest security access system’s which allows only authorised families and staff to access the facility. Any unauthorised person will not have automatic access so must use the front door bell to request access. Upon entry all visitors must sign our visitors register book to ensure only authorized persons gain access into our premises at any time.

Will Kool Kidz help with toilet training my child?
Kool Kidz educators will work together with you and your child on individual, appropriate strategies to overcome toilet training challenges. Kool Kidz services are purpose built facilities which are fitted with convenient nappy changing benches up to and including our 3 year old Kindergarten program and age appropriate toilets.

Kool Kidz will supply you with a current fees schedule on request. All families must contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO) to determine eligibility and also register for Childcare Benefit CCB. All families will be income tested by the FAO to determine their out of pocket fees. Families registered for CCB will also be entitled to receive a 50% Childcare Tax Rebate on all out of pocket fees paid to Kool Kidz as per the government guidelines.

Families will be asked to advise the FAO whether they want the 50% to be paid directly to the childcare service to reduce their weekly gap fee or paid directly to them. The preferred option is for the 50% Childcare Tax Rebate to be paid directly to the childcare service weekly to assist families to have as small a weekly gap fee as possible.

Kool Kidz locations employ a qualified Kindergarten teacher to operate a fully funded and recognised 4 year old Kindergarten Program during the time the children are in attendance for no additional cost to families.

Kool Kidz Approved Providers and educators welcome any additional enquiries, questions and concerns you may still have, and invite you to come along and meet us at any time.....