Making Fresh Cookies For Our Kool Kidz Rowville Families

Making Fresh Cookies For Our Kool Kidz Rowville Families

Our Kinder children have been very eager to share their own personal experiences in their homes from Mothers Day and it sounds like many of our Mum’s received a very delicious breakfast.

We’re delighted to hear that you were all so loved and spoiled.

Lucas: I made orange juice and her favourite cereal

Anushka: I help my mum cut the mushroom

Temujin: My aunty and I made cereal

Ethan: I made a big egg, boiled an egg and cereal

Wren: Yesterday night, me, my brother and Dad brought Mummy out for dinner. We also made pancakes.

Bodhi: I made chips, onions, egg and bacon with my cousins.

Sarah: I made ice-cream.

Our children were so proud of spoiling their Mum’s that our active learners decided it was a good idea to bake cookies at Kool Kidz Rowville for their family members. They carefully followed a pictorial recipe which guided them all as they; measured, poured, mixed, sifted and finally rolled the cookie dough into round balls. Off to the oven the cookie dough went and once cooked they were lovingly packaged to take home for their loved ones.

Our children were very proud of their cooking talents and efforts and even got to try a cookie for themselves. They were very much enjoyed and they just knew their family members would enjoy them too.

This was such a fun experience and offered a wealth of  teaching opportunities. Cooking with children provides practical experience with many essential skills such as reading, following directions, and measuring. Our cook stars  also proved that they were very capable of collaborative team work, sharing and turn taking. Getting involved in cooking helps our children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and even early concepts of maths and science.

There are just so many great benefits to cooking with children!

Children learn continuously through every first-hand experience that touches their lives. It is often in seemingly ordinary moments that the most significant learning can take place. Routines are just such times. They offer opportunities to:

  • extend thinking, problem-solving skills and language development
  • build close and respectful relationships
  • support wellbeing and a sense of belonging
  • encourage children’s independence and autonomy
  • support connectedness and a strong sense of identity.

At Kool Kidz Rowville, children play an active role in their daily routines. This includes preparing their own meals, making their own beds, washing their dishes etc. We believe hands on learning is very important and fun for our children.


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