Kool Kidz Wellington a part of the 2018 ELSA program!

Kool Kidz Wellington a part of the 2018 ELSA program!

We are very excited to announce that our kindergarten program has been selected as 1 of only 100 services to participate in the pilot ELSA program in 2018. The ELSA (Early Learning STEM Australia) pilot is a play-based digital learning program for children in kindergarten to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). ELSA includes hands-on activities as well as a suite of educational apps on tablets. The app is in development phase and our kindergarten children, families and educators will be working with the University of Canberra in the development of the program through active engagement and feedback throughout 2018.


The ELSA philosophy is that STEM learning occurs holistically in early childhood through the foundation development of STEM habits of the mind and involves children in active engagement in experiences where educators intentionally provide opportunities to wonder why things happen and discover how things work.


Apart from activities on the ELSA apps, children will also be encouraged to do off-app active

play-based activities that support STEM practices, such as curiosity, observation and

problem solving.


The ELSA pilot facilitates learning through play and the apps act as a springboard for

children to explore the natural world.


We are looking forward to our children and families becoming involved and having a say in the development of a fantastic resource that will benefit all children throughout Australia beyond 2018.





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