Kool Kidz on Wellington Term 2 Newsletter 2017

Kool Kidz on Wellington Term 2 Newsletter 2017

Welcome to our second newsletter for the year.  We’ve been busy both indoors and out, as we endeavour to provide our children with a holistic and varied program despite the cold. We welcomed a large order of new toys and equipment this term which has certainly helped make our learning environment, even more, inviting for all.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Educators Petra and Rachel. Petra will return permanently to her home country of Belgium over the holidays and Rachel has begun her maternity leave, soon to be a first time Mum. We wish you both the very best in your new life adventures.

It seems to be a particularly difficult winter so far with many cold and flu bugs about. When a child is ill, they need one-to-one care. No Childcare service is able to offer this. For working parents, it is important to consider a support network in case your child becomes ill, e.g. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends etc. Please remember our Health and Safety policy states that children who have had the need for Panadol within the previous 6 hours to arrival are not be eligible to attend Kool Kidz on Wellington.

We have a scrumptious winter recipe on page 8 that everyone will love and even a couple of suggestions of how to disguise adding more veges. Our health and safety page has some interesting info on language development in children and last but not least, in our sustainability section, how we can celebrate National Tree Day. Read what’s happening in our Knox community and how you and the family can get involved in a fun and free educational day. Until next time…. stay warm everyone!

If you would like to read the whole newsletter you can download it here: Kool Kidz on Wellington Term 2 Newsletter 2017


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