Library Excursion

After lunch the Butterfly kinder children have been very involved in sharing stories in small groups as part of their relaxation time. To further extend and strengthen the children’s interest in reading stories, a weekly excursion over the course of Term 3 has been organized for the children to visits the Library Truck at the shopping precinct.

This excursion is intended to help build on the children’s understanding of the function of a library service, take responsibility for a book and returning it as well as learning about road safety as they walk over to the library truck. In addition, during our walks to and from the library truck we discuss the various sights we can see on our walk as a way for children to get to strengthen their knowledge of their community, as well as making them feel part of that community.

To build on their confidence, the children then share the book that they have chosen from the library truck with the other kinder children.


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