Exploring the wonderful world of emotions

“emotions are at the centre of children’s understanding of
the world in which they grow up…” Denham (1998)

The children at Kool Kidz on Wellington have been exploring the wonderful world of emotions recently with a special emphasis on how our actions can affect others.

With the help of Elaine from the Knox Council’s Special Education Service, our pre-kinder room has run some very fun and engaging mini sessions on exploring how it feels to be happy, sad, angry and scared. These sessions have been loaded with irresistible opportunities for finger painting, drawing, role play and games that all very cleverly relate to the emotion being explored for the day. There have also been many other skills threaded into these times for our children to practice including turn taking, recognising, naming and regulating their own feelings as well as empathising and being considerate of others feelings.

Our children have shown some admirable understanding of their emotions and how they can affect others and it has been a delight to see them transfer these skills out into their everyday play. Well done everyone, these are such critical life skills that you will use along your magnificent journey of life.

If you wish to read more details on these fun and engaging times, make sure you have a look at the Caterpillars weekly reflection book next time you are in.


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