Crazy Hair Day – From a hidden perspective

Crazy Hair Day - From a hidden perspective

As I sat at the reception desk working this morning, I heard the beautiful chit chat of a Mum and her two daughters as they arrived through the front door of our Rowville Childcare, Kool Kidz on Wellington. They were talking about the puddles outside from the rain and one cherub excitedly told her Mum how her shoes were now “slurpy.” The conversation ended very quickly for this little puddle lover as she watched her Mum stop in front of our “Crazy Hair Day for Leukaemia” display and pull out her purse. She retrieved a couple of coins and handed each of her daughters a shiny gold coin. “What’s that for?” the puddle lover asked her Mum as she took the precious coin and pointed at the display that was placed prominently in the main thoroughfare. “Put the money in that slot there” her mother directed “and I’ll tell you all about some little children who are sick and need our help.”

I sat there holding my breath as I listened to a simple and humble, yet moving explanation. The story went a little like this. “There are some children who live around Australia and the world that are very sick. They need medicine that is very expensive and this money will help them buy the medicine to make them feel better”. The two sisters paused for a moment, looked at their shiny gold coins and put them in the slot of the donation box – without a word said! It was truly moving to watch this beautiful teaching moment between mother and child and the opportunity this scene created for the two sisters to reflect on their actions and consider consequences for others.

The rest of the morning further presented a collection of scenes in the play of “Crazy Hair Day” for me as I quietly worked on my PC. I felt like a spectator at a performance, privileged to listen and observe the excitement of the children as they arrived with colourful and spikey hair – ready to be active contributors and engage in their world. The conversations, laughter and anticipation for the day ahead were as fun and colourful as their hairstyles.

Clearly, our children’s connectedness and sense of belonging within their community supports their ability to discover ways of “being” who they are. Giving our children the opportunity to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect, will strengthen their identity as positive individuals and better understand the awareness of and respect for others.

While I might not have devoured a big box of salty popcorn during today’s moving performances, I certainly finished the day feeling “full” with pride and admiration of our amazing little learners at Kool Kidz Rowville Childcare and how they approached a new situation with confidence.

Crazy Hair day was a success for us all in so many ways and there was plenty of laughter and celebrations during the day. By taking part in events such as this we help our children become more involved in the community and have a better understanding of what it means to be part of a group and small community, while also raising awareness for such a great cause. A big thank you to all our families who were very generous in donating gold coins and we are proud to have raised $95 which we will forward on to the Leukaemia Foundation with love.


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