Happy Harmony Day, Everyone Belongs at Kool Kidz on Wellington

Happy Harmony Day, Everyone Belongs at Kool Kidz on Wellington

Harmony Day is a day to remember and celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and celebrating is exactly what we have been doing at Kool Kidz on Wellington.

Our children have been trying out their cooking skills and baking foods from around the world, including delicious cheesy pizzas and Thai rice paper rolls – an opportune stepping stone to broaden their understanding of the world in which they live. Plenty of social skills were also instilled by educators in our cooking sessions, as our little chefs were encouraged to take turns and co-operate as a group. Luckily for everyone there were loads of fun opportunities to mix, knead and toss ingredients into the “brew”. We were so proud of how our Kool Kidz children could show their capabilities and independence while demonstrating an increasing awareness of the needs and rights of others.

Thank you to Educator Rose, who brought in some Samoan music and traditional dance costumes. We feel so fortunate that you were able to pass on your knowledge, traditional songs and dancing to us and the children simply adored this opportunity. We saw some spectacular dancing and swishing of hips as our children danced the “Pacifica” and felt the Samoan music fill their body and minds.

Harmony Day Celbration Wellington Kool Kidz

Next time you’re walking down our hallway, you’ll appreciate the creativity that our children have been enjoying and exactly how much they feel recognised and respected for who they are. You will be bedazzled by a sea of “different but the same” self-portraits on the wall. With mirror in hand, our children were able to explore their own identity and unique faces and use choices of paint and collage bits and pieces to create their own reflection of who they are. Educators were involved in some delightful conversations with our children, chatting respectfully about similarities and differences in people and as one child so cleverly pointed out – “me and you are always the same, even after I have a bath I don’t change but I do have to put my pyjamas on”

Happy Harmony Day everyone!

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