Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

“The Year of the Monkey—2016”

Our Kool Kidz Rowville Early Childhood Education Centre started off Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey in full swing this month.

Our entrance way and classrooms were adorned with rich red lanterns and decorative monkeys while children’s appetites were enriched through a delicious Chinese lunch of spring rolls. Little hands definitely worked hard experiencing the thrill of chopping, grating and rolling some familiar and not so familiar food ingredients, all under the watchful eye of some very skilled Educators. Thanks Vinny and Grace for passing on your precious knowledge and traditions and enriching our children’s lives with your culinary skills. Needless to say they were all thoroughly enjoyed and there were NO leftovers that day.

Dragons, costumes, music and dance have also been a big part of our celebrations as our creative children enjoyed decorating our walls with festive and dancing dragons. Sticky glue fingers found no limits in making decisions, designing, manipulating and enjoying the delight and choice of being an individual artist and/or part of a problem solving group.
One of the most important social skills that our Educators can teach children is the ability to respect difference. To successfully develop these skills, our children need to be actively engaged in conversations, look for information, ask questions, see tolerance and respect in action and form their own opinions. With this in mind our eager Educators have also been weaving Chinese New Year songs, music, stories and new language into their room program to nurture and promote the children’s sense of belonging and an awareness of their community.

Happy Chinese New Year to all our Kool Kidz on Wellington families. We certainly hope your year continues to be as much fun as February has been for us at Kool Kidz on Wellington – our Rowville Early Childhood Education Centre.


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