Day of Older Persons

Day of Older Persons

The 1st October saw the children at Kool Kidz celebrate Older Persons Week. This initiative, as designed by the United Nations, is to bring attention to our older community members, ensure they are included and have accessibility to opportunities to social participation.

The children’s grandparents, aunties and uncles where invited to an afternoon tea and to spend some time enjoying the company of their grandchildren and their friends and also to learn about what their grandchildren do during their time at Kool Kidz on Wellington. It is a wonderful way for children to experience the benefits of having older members of our community.

The Dragonfly and Butterfly rooms enjoyed painting hand prints and self portraits. One grandfather spent time reading stories to groups of children. The Caterpillar and Jitterbug rooms also offered painting and some grandparents and uncles enjoyed kicking the ball around with their grandsons and his friends. The Honeybee room was privileged to have a visit from one of their children’s great-great grandmother. She reminisced with the educators about how different childcare and children were back in her day. The children also shared chalk drawing outdoors with their grandparents.The children in the Snugglepot room delighted in watching one of their friends grandmothers show off her athleticism. She enthusiastically demonstrated how to jump on and off the extra large bouncy cushion that the children then copied.

A wonderful afternoon was had by all, and the children can’t wait to have their uncles, aunts and grandparents visit again next year!


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