Term 3 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Term 3 is coming to a close and that thankfully also means it is the end of winter and the beginning of spring, with milder days and chilly nights. It also brings the beginning of SunSmart. Please remember to pack your child’s sunscreen if they use their own. As usual we will be recording the UV levels at the SunSmart station in the main foyer. There will also be information available about sun protection and vitamin D levels.

This term, we have celebrated Jeans 4 Genes Day .Thanks to your generous donations, we raised
$100! Photo week was very busy with Strike a Pose here all week taking lovely photos of your children. Photo week was followed by Children’s Book Week combined with Literacy Week. There were lots of dress ups and we all had fun guessing what characters we were and what book, nursery rhyme or song we were from.
Chantell and Bec have both given birth to baby boys. Congratulations to both Chantell and Bec and their husbands. Rachel will be leaving us during Term 4 to have her baby and we wish her and Chris well with their impending new family.
Have a safe holiday break if you are going away for the school holidays. We look forward to a great Term 4.

Sabina and Carol

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